The Animattikon Project, 28/10-4/11/18

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01 March 2018
Paphos, Cyprus
+357 26 102 180
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Festival Description

The Animattikon Project is an event celebrating the art of animated film in all its aspects. Along with the projections of the animated films of the official selection, it offers a series of animation workshops, organized by animators from all over the world.
The Animattikon Project takes place in the town of Paphos, Cyprus. It takes its name after the Attikon Cinema, a historical theater, dating from 1938. As the second oldest cinema in Paphos, the Attikon cinema is one of the few points of reference that all generations of people of Paphos share.
Along with the workshops, the Animattikon Project proposes lectures, conferences and performances. It aims at presenting Animation as a true and complete form of art, in all its levels and at giving access to its techniques and secrets to the wide public.

Call for entries:


  • Any short animated film not exceeding the duration of 15 minutes is eligible. All techniques are accepted.
  • No premiere status is required and the film may be available online. The date of the film's production is irrelevant
  • 2 competition categories: animation shorts AND animation shorts which deal with genres of horror, thriller, suspense, fantasy or any other Halloween-related genre
  • Submit via filmfreeway
  • Deadlines: 1 March 2018 (early), 15 Aug (regular), 15 Sep (late deadline)


Event Dates

  • From 28 October 2018 to 04 November 2018

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