Mister Vorky Film Festival, 1-3/6/18

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30 April 2018
Ruma, Serbia
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Call for entries:

Mister Vorky is an International Festival of One Minute Film, which promotes the best one minute films from all continents. Goal of the Festival is a presentation of author films of the shortest form and all genres of the seventh art (fiction, animation, documentary…).

Submitted films must have length to maximum 60 seconds (one minute), together with opening and closing titles (in exceptional cases it may be tolerated that film has closing titles which prolongs complete film longer than one minute). Films produced in the period from 2016 to 2018 are eligible to participate. Festival selector can select up to 5 films that were created before 2016, if they deserve to be screened at the festival.

Official Festival awards are:
Grand Prix for the Best Film – plaque “MISTER VORKY”
Award for the Best Serbian Film – plaque “MISTER VORKY”
Award for the Best Foreign Film – plaque “MISTER VORKY”
Audience jury award for the Best Film - diploma “MISTER VORKY”

International jury can choose maximum three special awards (diplomas) for certain film categories. Organizer holds the right to increase prize fund depending on resources of the Festival.

Festival organizers:

The organizers of the festival are the Independent Film Center Vorky Team, which in this way pays tribute to the great Serbian-American film artist Slavko Vorkapich-Vorky.


Event Dates

  • From 01 June 2018 to 03 June 2018


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