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04 September 2018 - 09 September 2018
Baden, Switzerland
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2018 Festival News

73 short films are presented in our three competitions, 22 of them from Switzerland. Another particularly political, funny or profound 30 out of a total of 2349 submissions are shown „Hors Concours". Furthermore, there are 21 current feature films - including numerous Swiss premieres. But animation does not only take place in the cinema halls: from the „Bagno Popolare“, an exhibition at Kunstraum Baden, via the "Animated Busrides“ to the Augmented and Virtual Realities within the framework of „Animation Multimedial" there is much to discover, experience and to explore. In addition, there are "Fantoche Industry Day“ and new also the "Swiss Industry Night“, several workshops and happenings that invite to encounters and exchanges

The opening feature film «Funan» depicts life under the brutal regime of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia through a family that, despite separation, hunger and violence, never loses hope. This dark chapter of Cambodian history is contrasted with color-realistic, clear drawings of the incredibly beautiful landscape. Regular Fantoche visitors could already follow the process of the film: In 2016, Director Dennis Do presented this autobiographically inspired story as «Coming Soon» at the festival; long before he received several awards at Festival d’Animation Annecy. He will be present at Fantoche and will also answer questions at the opening-screening of his film.

Further political-historical films include the Oscar-nominated book adaptation «The Breadwinner», the Swiss production «Chris the Swiss», «Another Day of Life» about Ryszard Kapuściński and his doubts about the objective journalistic view on the war-torn Angola of the 70s. Or the comic adaptation «Un homme est mort» about a workers strike in France in the 1950s and the importance of film as an instrument of power.

More than a third of the programmed feature films are (also) for children: «Captain Morten and the Spider Queen» is the first feature film by the Estonian director, musician and screenwriter Kaspar Jancis, who has repeatedly shown short films in the Fantoche competitions. Morten wants to be a sailor - like his father, to whom the Irish actor Brendan Gleeson lends his voice. One day, this dream comes true as Morten wakes up onboard of his own toy ship. Jancis, to put himself in Morten's position, designed the storyboard on a ship from Rotterdam to the Antarctic. The result is a carefully made stop-motion movie full of quirky characters who dream and where anything seems possible.

Also in «Libro de Lila», there are also no limits to the imagination: the Colombian film is already special, «because it comes from Colombia, a country with no great film tradition and production possibilities», says festival director Annette Schindler, «and even more so because it was made by a female director, Marcela Rincón». Her protagonist Lila lives happily in a children's book until a storm tears her from the pages and she suddenly is followed by the vultures of oblivion. Only Ramon could save her, but he hardly seems to remember the heroine of his favorite children's book.

As well from Colombia comes «Virus Tropical», the film adaptation of the autobiographical graphic novel of the artist Power Paola. Paola is the third daughter of an Ecuadorian middle-class family. Her father is a priest, her mother is a «psychic» and her sisters are not what their parents expected. «Virus Tropical» is a coming-of-age movie about growing up as a latina, a unique female perspective that cannot be shaken by any crisis.

The Swiss filmmaker Anja Kofmel,  will be talking about making-of her film «Chris the Swiss», which has already been celebrated at major festivals this year,  and Jakob Schuh on «Revolting Rhimes». In addition, lead animator Kim Keukeleire and Head of Painting Roy Bell report on the creation of «Isle of Dogs».

Fantoche trailer

This year's festival trailer is designed by  the Geneva-based artist Sophie Laskar-Haller.

Archive: Call for entries

Fantoche searches for the best animated short films from all over the world every year. Animated shorts of all kind and techniques are eligible for Fantoche’s 2018 competitions if they’ve been completed after 31 March 2017 and last no longer than 40 minutes.

Eligible for the Swiss Competition are films by Swiss filmmakers, filmmakers living in Switzerland or with Swiss producers or co-producers.

Competitions and Awards:

International Competition: Total prize fund 26'000 CHF

– Best Film: For a convincing combination of idea and implementation, content and form.
– High Risk: For visionary originality and the uncompromising exploration of the art of animation.
– New Talent: For the best film by a student or for a first film.
– Best Sound: For the most impressive sound design.
– Best Visual: For the most outstanding and most imaginative visual design.

The public also chooses its favorite film – the Audience Award.

Swiss Competition: Total prize fund 21'000 CHF

– Best Swiss: For a convincing combination of idea and implementation, content and form.
– High Swiss Risk: For visionary originality and the uncompromising exploration of the art of animation.
– New Swiss Talent: For the best Swiss film by a student or for a first film.
– Fantastic Swiss: For the best fantastic Swiss film.

A Swiss Jury of six young Swiss cineasts from various provinces and language regions will select the winner of the „Swiss Youth Award“.
The winner of the Swiss Audience Award will be selected by the viewers.

Kids Film Competition: Total prize fund 2'000 CHF

Festival Guidelines:

International Competition: Experimentation and tradition
The main criterion for film selection is innovation. Fantoche’s “International Competition” principally offers a forum for animated films which veer away from conventions of the genre in terms of aesthetics, content or technique, which scrutinize them skillfully or which are audacious enough to turn them on their head. It particularly welcomes projects which push the boundaries of expression of animation further, which seek to experiment and which stand apart thanks to their artistic independence.

However, Fantoche is interested, at the same time, in classical, conventional auteur films, and its selection includes animated films which offer a striking, persuasive blend of idea and implementation, and of content and form. They are deliberately juxtaposed with experimental entries. This is because Fantoche is trying to locate the friction that exists between vision and tradition, offering an insight into the creative wealth of animated film-making.

Swiss Competition: The selection criteria for the “Swiss Competition” correspond to those of the “International Competition”: Fantoche organizers want to see new trends, fresh talents and interesting experiments, alongside established auteur films and animation. All Swiss productions which are entered in the “International Competition” are also added to the selection for the “Swiss Competition” and can be nominated for both competitions at the same time.

Kids Competition: The short films of the “Kids Film Competition” are chosen from the entries for the “International Competition” and for the “Swiss Competition”. The selection is always made in close consultation with the “Zauberlaterne” (The Magic Lantern), the film club for kids. The main criteria applied are that they have good, clever story lines, are packed with ideas, cover a variety of themes and exemplify different techniques.


Event Dates

  • From 04 September 2018 to 09 September 2018

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