KLIK! Amsterdam, 10-14/10/18

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01 June 2018
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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2018 Festival News:

2018 Confirmed Guests:

Nora Twomey is an Irish animator and the co-founder of the revered animation studio Cartoon Saloon. She worked on not one, but two Academy Award nominated films: The Secret of Kells (2009) and Song of the Sea (2014). Her first solo feature, The Breadwinner 2017), is set in Kabul in 2001 and follows a young girl who disguises herself as a boy in order to support her family after her father is arrested by the Taliban. The film marks another Oscar nod for Nora, making it onto this year’s short list for best animated film. At KLIK she will share her inspiring story and give insights into her work process. KLIK will also be showing her feature film The Breadwinner.

Faiyaz Jafri is a film maker and new media artist of Pakistani descent, born and raised in the Netherlands. He is the founder and curator of the Third Culture Film Festival in Hong Kong and teaches at Parsons School of Design in New York. His hyper-unrealistic style incorporates popular culture references that together merge in the creation of an absurd and psychedelic world. Faiyaz’ award-winning films have been featured at prestigious festivals and museums, and he has worked for commercial clients including IBM, Coca- Cola, and Ford. He will join the festivities to share insights into his extraordinary work.

Each year, KLIK presents a carefully curated selection of films that touch on a current theme. Whether it be gender fluidity and queer culture (Boys, Girls & Beyond, 2014), return to DIY culture and craftsmanship (Rock, Paper, Scissors, 2015) or becoming critically aware of your surroundings (The World We Live in, 2016), KLIK aims to show and
address current societal trends and issues. For this year’s theme program, State of Mind, KLIK will present a curated selection of films playing with the tropes of the theme, showing glimpses of the minds of others. As a result, KLIK hopes to spark both conversations and understanding for different perspectives and perceptions of the world.
This year, KLIK goes introspective and takes a look at the wondrous worlds of the mind. The visual freedom of animation as a medium makes it particularly great for the visualisation and exploration of a state of mind. Emotional states, attitudes, temperaments, dreams, meditation, drugs, mental disorders, as well as an animal’s mind are all represented in this year’s set of curated films. The world of the mind is endless, mysterious, and fascinating.

Other highlights this year include the epic Chinese fantasy film Big Fish & Begonia (Liang Xuan and Zhang Chun, 2016) and the South-Korean indie feature I'lll Just Live in Bando (Yongsun Lee, 2017).

Call for entries (Archive)

A film is eligible when:
-It contains a substantial amount of animation of any technique;
-Its duration does not exceed 25 minutes;
-It was finished after 1 January 2017;
- Has not been submitted to KLIK’s previous competitions.

Films can be submitted in the following categories, indicating the type of film

Animated Short (films created outside of educational programs)
- Animated Student Short (films finished while the maker was enrolled in an educational program)
-Commissioned Animation  (commissioned by a third party)
-Animated Documentary
-Animated Music Video
-Animated Virtual Reality
-Other (This includes films that are longer than 25 minutes, art  installations, and games)
* Please note the programmers reserve the right to move a submitted film to another category if they see a  better fit


Event Dates

  • From 10 October 2018 to 14 October 2018

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