Punto y Raya, 25-28/10/18

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30 July 2018
Wrocław, Poland
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Festival news:

This year Punto y Raya received 757 eligible entries from the record number of 56 countries. There are 106 selected films structured into six 70' reels. The screenings will conclude with a Q&A session with artists in attendance and open to audience participation.

Ania Głowińska, progarmme coordinator at Animator Festiwal in Poznań, returns to PyR to curate and introduce the opening activity: the Polish Short Film Panorama. And to close the festival on Sunday, Nag Vladermersky, artistic director of the London International Animation Festival, will introduce his British Short Film Panorama, spanning various decades in one of the current main production countries in the genre.


  • electrifying experiments with textures and magnetism by Thorsten Fleisch (DE)
  • physically immersive experiences created by Bonnie Mitchell (US)
  • Vibeke Sørensen (SI) discusses her pioneer work at the intersection between Art, Science and Engineering
  • John Osborne (CA) explores the wonders of Complexity and Patternicity
  • Aga Jarząb (Wroclaw) & Olga Wroniewicz (Warsaw) discuss strategies for the production of Abstract Animation with Design and Fine Art Students

Archive: Call for entries

This call for entries is open to short films built up entirely with abstract (non-representational) imagery. Participation is free, with online submissions. Any technique can be used. The Soundtrack cannot feature any words. Maximum running time is 8 minutes.

Each author can submit as many works as s/he pleases, but only up to three works per author may be selected.


The international jury will award three Prizes, and might also give one Honourable Mention at their own discretion. There will also be an Audience Award.

There is no entry fee.

Festival trailer:


Event Dates

  • From 25 October 2018 to 28 October 2018


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