Taichung International Animation Festival, Oct 2019 (Dates TBC)

Deadline | Event Dates (period)
11 October 2019 - 16 October 2019
Taichung, Taiwan
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Submission deadline
Submission/Registration Fee

2019 Call For Entries to Follow, Dates To Be Confirmed

2018 Festival Coverage

About the  Festival (11-16/10/18)
Taichung International Animation F estival (TIAF) is organized by Taichung Film Development  Foundation  (TFDF) with the support of Information Bureau of Taichung City Government. This year, TIAF is scheduled to place from October 11th to 16th in Taichung,  Taiwan.

Archive: Call for entries

1. Open for  all  animations  created by  whatever the techniques and medium.
2.The submitted works must be completed after January 1st 2017, and must never entered TIAF in any version previously.
3.The maximum film running time including credits should not exceed 25 minutes.
4.To submit “Taiwanese Short Films” and “Taiwanese Student Short Films”, the director must obtain the nationality of Taiwan (R.O.C.)with validated documents, OR more than half of the production cost originated from Taiwan(R.O.C.), OR more than half of the production crew are Taiwan (R.O.C.)nationals with validated documents. (The qualification is as same as the 5thparagraph of
Criteria for Differentiating Domestic Motion Pictures and Non-Domestic Motion Pictures. If a dispute occurs, TIAF has the right to ask for needed  documentations.)

Competition Categories
1.Short Films
2.Taiwanese Short Films
3.Student Short Films
4.Taiwanese Student  Short Films

(2.) The submitter who applies for “Taiwanese Short Films ” can  also  apply  for “Short Films” at  the same time.
(3.) The submitter who applies for "Taiwanese Student Short Films” can also apply for  “Student Short Films ” at the same time.


(1.)Short Films
GRAND PRIX–prize of 500 ,000TWD (approximately 15,000 USD)
JURY DISTI NCTION–prize of 100,000TWD (approximately 3,000 USD)
OUTSTANDING WORK–prize of 50,000TWD (approximately 1,500 USD) (For the outstanding techniques work)

(2.) Taiwanese Short Films
GRAND PRIX–prize of 150,000 TWD (approximately 4,500 USD) and an authorized license of TVPaint Animation 11 Standard Edition

(3.) Student Short Films
GRAND PRIX–prize of 150,000 TWD (approximately 4,500 USD)
JURY DISTINCTION–prize of 100,000 TWD (approxi mately 3,000USD)
OUTSTANDING WORK–prize of 50,000TWD (approximately 1,500USD) (For the outstanding  techniques work)

(4.)Taiwanese Student Short Films
GRAND PRIX –prize of 100,000 TWD (approximately 3,000 USD) and an authorized license of TVPaint Animation 11 Standard Edition

(5.) Popular Awards
AUDIENCE AWARD–chosen by  popular votes
YOUNG CRITICS AWARD–chosen by a jury composed by young critics b etween age of 16-20


Event Dates

  • From 11 October 2019 to 16 October 2019


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