CINEKID Script Lab, 20-25/10/18

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01 June 2018
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Cinekid Script LAB is a six-month script-training programme for writers with a children's film project. The training was initiated by Cinekid in 2014, and takes place during Cinekid for Professionals in October, and the Berlinale the following February

During the Cinekid Script LAB, an international group of writers and writer/directors will work on their plans for children’s feature films. The programme offers tailor-made coaching and training; it answers to the specific writer’s and story’s needs, along a six-month trajectory.

Script coaches of the 2018-2019 edition of the LAB are:

  • Boudewijn Koole
  • Eva Svenstedt Ward
  • Jacques Akchoti
  • Mieke de Jong
  • Paul Wells
  • Rasmus Horskjaer

Partner Institutes:
Netherlands Film Fund (NETHERLANDS)
Finnish Film Foundation (FINLAND)
Flanders Audiovisual Fund (BELGIUM)
Icelandic Film Centre (ICELAND)
Norwegian Film Institute (NORWAY)
Swedish Film Institute (SWEDEN)

Call for entries:

Submissions  need to be feature length and can either be fiction, documentary, animation as live -action projects for an audience of 3- 14 years old and written from their perspective. CINEKID priority is with original stories instead of book adaptations. 

  • CINEKID Script Lab accept submissions nominated through our partner institutes (as indicated above) and projects without connection to a partnering institute.
  • When selected through one of the partner institutes, the participation fee is covered by that partner institute.  Please note: the partner institutes inform the nominated projects in advance.
  • When selected through the open call, the participation fee of €6.250 is for your own account.  Participation is only possible when (half of) the fee is covered before 15-10-2018.

Cinekid allocates approximately three scholarships that each cover 50% of the participation fee.  Priority is given to participants from  European  countries with no support mechanisms. We  encourage participants to apply for financial support with their national/regional funding bodies  first. Which projects will receive a scholarship, will also be announced in the week of 25 June.

The final selection of Cinekid Script LAB 2018-2019 consists of six projects through our partners as stated above, and up to six projects through an open call.  Cinekid  Script LAB is a European action, but there is room for projects outside of Europe.  The main criteria for selection are the viability and quality of the plans and the demonstrable  talent of the  writers.

Programme outline
October – Cinekid for Professionals:
     Introduction to fellow participants; individual coaching
    Individual coaching
    Plenary workshop (Test & Pitch with Kids)
    Come back sessions
    Participation in Cinekid for Professionals

November to January:

  Follow-up sessions
    Participants reconnect with their coach to discuss their progress (by phone or Skype)
February – Berlinale:
 Individual coaching
Screening(s) Generation program
Plenary workshop (Scripts in Action)
Presentations by industry experts
Come back sessions
Participation in the Berlinale

April: Individual online aftercare sessions

The event is co-funded by national institutes such as Flanders Audiovisual Fund (BE), Norwegian Film Institute (NO), Swedish Film Institute (SE), Netherlands Film Fund (NL), the Icelandic Film Institute (IC) and the Finnish Film Foundation (FI).


Event Dates

  • From 20 October 2018 to 25 October 2018


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