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Prime the Animation Festival, 25-27/10/18

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25 October 2018 - 27 October 2018
Valencia, Spain
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About the festival:

Prime the Animation! is a not- for-profit cultural  event organised by the research group Animación: Arte e Industria of the Universitat Politèncica de  València, supported by other public Valencian  institutions. The festival presents its  second animation short film contest for students or recent  graduates, without any distinction of country of  origin

Festival news:

Archive: Call for entries:

  • Prime the Animation! will accept animated short  films by animation students from any country, who  made their films as part of an animation training  course at a Grade, Master or specialized schools.  Directors with a first professional film, who finished  his or her studies in the last  five years, are also able to  send their films.
  • Every technique of animation is acce ted (3D  Digital, 2D, stop-motion...). The film should include animation in at least 50% of the footage.
  • A single category is established. All submitted films for the competition must be produced after January 1, 2016.  Directors with a first professional film, who finished his or her studies in the last two years (since June 2015), are also able to send their film
  • The allowed length, intro and credits included, is 30 minutes



Event Dates

  • From 25 October 2018 to 27 October 2018


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