The Argentinean feast of Expotoons 2011 ended with the award announcement. See the full list of winners.

The French-Russian production Where dogs die by Svetlana Filippova (a painting on glass film) won the first prize in the short film competition.

Juan Pablo Zaramella's Luninaris (also in the Oscars shortlist) grabbed a special mention.The Danish production The Great Bear (dir. Esben Toft Jacobsen) was the winner in the feature films, whereas the rat story Light of the river (Tetsuo Hirakawa directing) was awarded a special mention.

Expotoons 2011 was held in Buenos Aires, from 29 November-1 December. See the full winners' list, and watch selected trailers.


Feature Films:

1st. Place “The Great Bear” DENMARK. Director: Esben Toft Jacobsen Production Company: Copenhagen Bombay

Special Mention: “Light of the River” JAPAN. Director: Tetsuo Hirakawa. Production Company: NHK Enterprises.



1st. Place:“Where dogs die” FRANCE/RUSSIA. Director: Svetlana Filippova

Special Mention: “Luminaris” ARGENTINA. Director: Juan Pablo Zaramella. Production Company: JPZtudio

 2nd. Special Mention: “Pinchaque, the colombian tapir” COLOMBIA/ FRANCE. Director: Caroline Attia Larivière. Produced for FUNDACION NATIVA.


1st. Place: “Welcome to Bric and Brac” FRANCE.

Director: Amandine Gallerand y Matthieu Chevallier.

Production Company: Vivement Lundi !


Special Mention:“Petit Joueurs” FRANCE.

Director: Bruno Collet.

Production Company: Vivement Lundi !

  Special Mention “BLACK RUN” FRANCE / SOUTH KOREA. Director: Tae-Sik ShinEpisode for the Series OSCAR'S OASIS.


1st. Place “Temaikén Celos” ARGENTINA. Director: Javier Lourenco, Antoine Quairiat. Production Company: Flamboyant Paradise.

 Special Mention “Promo Fox Retro” ARGENTINA. Director: Gabriel Fermanelli. Production Company: Punga


1st. Place “I'm Fine Thanks” UNITED KINGDOM. Director: Eamonn O'Neill. Royal College of Arts.

 Mention Special “Loom” GERMANY. Director: Ilija Brunck, Csaba Letay, Jan Bitzer. Filmakademie BW.

 Mention Special “The Backwater Gospel” DENMARK. Director: Bo Mathorne. The Animation Workshop


AACA AWARD to the Best Animation technique for a Short Film (“El Apóstol” trophy)

“The Wonder Hospital” SOUTH KOREA. Director: Beomsik Shimbe Shim

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