8th StopTrik, Maribor/ Lodz, 4-7/10 (TBC)

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04 October 2018 00:00 - 11 November 2018 00:00
Maribor, Slovenia/ Lodz, Poland
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StopTrik IFF is a festival of stop motion animation which has already gained a distinctive recognition in European festival circuit. It is one of few events dedicated to the art of stop motion animation in the world and one of two such festivals in Europe (the other one, Stop Motion Barcelona is StopTrik's partner festival and has been running for three years now). The Festival presents international stop motion films in competition programmes and historical retrospectives, it is focused on practical aspects of animation filmmaking, film education, academic reflection, and film culture activism. In 2018 we will invite you to join stop motion workshops, festival journalism worksops, parties, discussions, and above all screenings where the Audience becomes the Jurors.

Competition programmes are held in both Slovenia and Poland. StopTrik IFF is a stop motion animation film festival, therefore competitions are open for films that use stop motion means of expression. International Stop Motion Competition” presents films that use traditional techniques of stop motion animation (e.g. puppet film, claymation, object manipulation but also cut-out, pixilation, loose materials animation) while “The Borderlands Competition”  highlights works realized with experimental approach that expands aesthetics and understanding of stop motion as a form of art.

Call for entries coming in the end of April.

MARIBOR (SLO): 04. - 07. 10. 2018

LODZ (PL): 09. - 11. 11. 2018


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Event Dates

  • From 04 October 2018 00:00 to 11 November 2018 00:00

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