Anifilm, 1-6/5/18

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15 January 2018
Trebon, Czechia
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Festival News:

Festival Theme: 3D Animation

Three dimensional computer animation is the youngest of animation techniques. Its dominance, mainly in the feature film segment, overshadows other animation techniques. On the other hand, it represents a technique which helped animated films to achieve the biggest popularity in the history of animation.
The film programme of Anifilm 2018 will present several programme blocks mapping more than 30 years of history of this technique. 3D animation is currently the most massive field of contemporary animation, but it has many alternative forms and features which can be seen in the films by original authors. Anifilm will explore all off these elements in several blocks of short films and several feature films.

The programme also includes lectures on the limitations of the technique and aesthetic evolution and also the aforementioned jury programmes. A big masterclass will be led by renowned 3D CGI animation specialists Chris Landreth and Faiyaz Jafri. The latter will also lead a special workshop (hurry and register, the capacity is limited!). Job Roggeveen, member of the brilliant Dutch trio Job, Joris & Mariake (authors of festival hits such as Mute and Single Life) will present his own specific approach to this technique. We will also hear about Nikita Diakur’s revolutionary film Ugly. Animator Rich Quade will offer us an inside view into the most famous studio and the technique which made it famous. He worked in Pixar Animation Studios in the 1990s.

Festival Juries:

  • The winner of the feature film category will be picked by animator Elie Chapius from Switzerland, who worked on the films Fantastic Mr. Fox, My Life as a Zucchini and most recently also Isle of Dogs; American Robin Cooper, who worked for the famous Pixar Studios as an Art Designer; and French producer and collaborator of Wes Anderson, Ben Adler.
  • The fate of the short films will be in the hands of Hungarian producer Brigitta Iványi-Bitter, the person behind the original series Candide; famous director Chris Landreth, who focuses on CGI animation and who won an Oscar for his film Ryan and Czech director Libor Pixa, author of successful authorial and commissioned films.
  • The winning films from non-narrative, abstract competition will be picked by American director Faiyaz Jafri who is known for his original CGI films; Czech journalist and theorist Kamila Boháčková and the internationally renowned director of French origin Boris Labbé¸ author of non-narrative animated films and artistic installations.
  • The jury of the International Competition of Independent Games is composed of Ricky Hagget (Hollow Ponds), the developer of games such as Loot Rascals and Hohokum; Luke Whittaker (State of Play), author of games Lumino City, KAMI and INKS. The Czech Republic will be represented by Vojtěch Vaněk from Paperash Studio who developed the successful game Dark Train.

Festival Poster:
Director, animator and graphic artist Stanislav Sekela, graduate of the Multimedia Art College in Jihlava and the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, takes care of this year's Anifilm visuals.  As a renowned animator focusing on 3D computer graphics, Stanislav has also collaborated on a number of films.

His artistic vision for the upcoming festival edition will take us into an intergalactic space full of ships made by water – an important element in Třeboň.

Next year’s Anifilm will be embellished by a mass of polygonal molecules refracted at a precise angle of 62.5 degrees Celsius. Digital water surfaces will come to life by means of infinitely swarming waves of excitement. 3Decagrams of virtual reality, 2Decibels of titillating music, 1Day to get sober and then again! That is the approach we chose for Anifilm’s visuals. Our experience tells us that this is the only possible approach. Ride an edge which will not cut you, but rather refresh you


Archive: Call for entries:

Next edition of Anifilm is taking place in Třeboň (Czech Republic) from the 1st to 6th May, 2018. Right now festival opens submissions for your animated films, music and abstract videos and newly for independent computer games! If you have not competed in Anifilm previous editions, do not hesitate to submit your creations finished after 1st January 2017 to one of the following categories of international competition:   

  • Feature Film:
    - Film for Grown-Ups
    - Film for Children
  • Short Film 
  • Student Film
  • Music Video
  • Abstract and Non-narrative Animation
  • Independent Computer Games

- Game Design
- Game for Children

  1. Read the complete rules and regulations.
  2.  Register your film or game by registering and filling in the online form

Submission deadline: 15 January 2018. There is no fee for applicants.


Event Dates

  • From 01 May 2018 to 06 May 2018

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