BAFTA-awarded UK animation director has a new animation short coming up. Here's the trailer for Roughhouse.

UK animation director Jonathan Hodgson  knows how to cause a stir without really showing that he's trying. The BAFTA-awarded director of The Man With the Beautiful Eyes [watch it here] returns with his new animation short, Roughhouse, a French/UK co-production.

Three friends embark on a new adventure in a strange town, but when a manipulative new member joins their gang their loyalty is torn apart with terrifying consequences.

The French Papy3D production company is behind the film, along with Hodgson Films and Arte France. Hodgson writes the script and makes the backgrounds for the 15-minute short,  while Gabriel Jacquel (animator in The Ogre, Edmond Was A Donkey) is the short's animation direct.

Roughhouse is supported by the CNC, by Pictanovo and the Hauts de France region (Procirep and the Angoa). The film will have its world premiere  at the 2018 Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Here's the official film page.

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