A one-man feature animation project. Details about the upcoming feature Away by Gints Zilbalodis.

A sense of personal urgency in the age of communal abandonment characterizes the Latvian director Gints Zilbalodis'  work. Born in 1994, he has completed 7 shorts, two of which Priorites and Inaudible brought him to the international festival attention.  He now prepares Away,  his 75-minute, 3D computer animation feature.

 A boy wakes up alone on an island and tries to get back home. He's chased by a dark spirit that's trying to eat him. Along the way he finds a motorcycle and befriends a little bird that can't fly.

"The boiled down idea behind it is the want to connect with people" Zilbalodis tells Zippy Frames. With a funding from State Culture Capital Fund (for general arts projects), the project started 3 years ago, and the trailer reveals the same cinematic eye for grand vistas and personal adventure.

Away is essentially a one-man project, from direction to script and animation, and even down to soundtrack. " I chose to work this way because it's cheaper and in some cases even faster", Zilbalodis explains. "But mostly because I wanted to learn all the different skills required in filmmaking myself so that if I eventually might have a chance to make a film with a larger team I would have a better understanding of what everyone does".

With most of the animation already accomplished, expected a festival run for Away in early 2019.

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