The French/Belgian TV special premieres in France, and screens in competition at Annecy Festival. Watch the teaser.

The cows-at-sea 2D TV special The Horn Quartet , recently selected for competition at the 2018 Annecy festival (TV films), is a 26-minute production co-directed by Benjamin Botella and Arnaud Demuynck. Written by Nathalie Dargent, it is jointly co-produced by the French Vivement Lundi! and La Boîte,… Production (Belgium).

Four cows who never really left their meadow, don’t know much about the world around them, without giving offense to them. Season after season, this horn quartet grazes and chews and grazes and chews… But when a seagull comes by, looking for the sea, it arouses their curiosity. The sea, what is this? Taking the viewers on a road movie during their search for the shore, the four friends will go off to discover a world they did not imagine existed.

The Horn Quartet is an adaptation of a children’s book written by the Breton author Yves Cotten. 

Here's the French teaser:

The film will premiere (7 April) at the French National Festival of Animated Film in Rennes. It has already been broadcasted  (Swiss channel RTS, French pre-school channel Piwi+ (Canal+ Group). It will be aired on RTBF 3 and France 3 Bretagne in April.

The 500,000 € budget was funded by Canal+, France Télévisions, RTBF, VRT, RTS, TVR, Tébéo, TébéSud, CNC, Région Bretagne, Wallonia Brussels Federation, Tax Shelter of Belgian Gouvernment, Procirep and Angoa.

Canal+ Family, Piwi+, France 3 Bretagne and the RTBF greenlighted a second TV special of 26 minutes. And this time, our friendly cows will go to the mountain. Superights will  be on charge of the international sales.

The Horn Quartet screens in competition (TV FIlms) at the 2018 Annecy Festival. It will be theatrically released in France and Belgium by Cinema Public Films in September 2018.

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