A beautifully escapist video for Coldplay's Ink. Watch below.

 The new video for Coldplay's Ink (from their 2014 album Ghost Stories) s a search for a long-lost love by Evan Viera.

 The evocative and beautiful, otherwordly short version below users can freely interact with and change the music video at comes from ORCHID | Evan Viera.

Evan Viera is an animation director, composer, and visual artist living in Los Angeles, CA. He is formerly the Cinematics Director and Artist at thatgamecompany, and an Artist in Residence at Hampshire College.


Evan Viera: Animation Lead and background artist.
Additional backgrounds included these shots are from the work of Paul Kim, and Elle Michalka.
Music: Jon Hopkins - Abandon Window
Produced at BL:ND in Santa Monica
Creative Director - Matthew Encina
Producer - Scott Rothstein
Art Director - Paul Kim



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