Animafest Zagreb

Title Published Date
StopTrik IFF 2018 Report: Don't Stop The Motion 09 October 2018
Animafest 2018 Feature Competition Or Why Animated Cinéma d'Auteur Is Not Dead (Yet) 19 June 2018
Boris Labbé,This Magnificent Cake! Win at 2018 Animafest Zagreb 10 June 2018
5th Animafest Scanner, 5-6/6/18: Complete Programme 29 May 2018
Animafest Zagreb Celebrates Horror 06 May 2018
8 Animated Features for Animafest Zagreb 2018 29 April 2018
Animafest Zagreb 2018: Selection Results 09 March 2018
Animafest Zagreb Poster and Trailer Signed by Stipan Tadić 21 February 2018
Paul Fierlinger to Get Animafest Zagreb Lifetime Achievement Award 12 January 2018
Paul Wells Gets Zagreb Award for Outstanding Contribution to Animation Studies 15 December 2017
Building a new Jordan animation from University of Petra: Interview with Tariq Rimawi 14 October 2017
Croatia by Daniel Šuljić 09 October 2017
Nighthawk, The Red Turtle Win at Animafest Zagreb 11 June 2017
In Their Own Words: Pavlatova, Laguionie, Bordo at Animafest Zagreb 06 June 2017
27th Animafest, Zagreb: Comics and Masters 03 June 2017
Animated Trips Part II: Personal Souvenirs 09 February 2017
Animafest Zagreb Award for Animation Studies to Maureen Furniss 29 November 2016
Borivoj Dovniković - Bordo Gets Animafest Zagreb Lifetime Achievement Award 16 November 2016
Phil Mulloy, The Magic Mountain Win at Animafest Zagreb 2016 13 June 2016
Interview with Daniel Šuljić: The Only Thing Constant in A Festival is Change 30 May 2016
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