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Title Published Date
Lotte And The Lost Dragons To Premiere at 2019 Berlinale 20 December 2018
60 Animated Shorts for PÖFF Shorts 2018 10 October 2018
Ülo Pikkov Gets Animation Doctorate With Anti-Animation 21 June 2018
Graduation Competition 2 @ Annecy: Two Estonians and an Italian Shine 15 June 2018
Captain Morten and the Spider Queen Review: A Sea Journey Back Home 08 June 2018
Captain Morten and the Spider Queen Gets a Trailer 04 May 2018
Estonia: 2017 Animation Data 03 December 2017
Orogenesis, Sog, Moulinet Conquer 2017 Animated Dreams Prizes 26 November 2017
66 Films for Animated Dreams, Estonia 31 October 2016
Velodrool by Sander Joon 04 October 2016
Amalimbo by Juan Pablo Libossart Gets EFA Nomination at Venice 10 September 2016
Olga Pärn artistic director of Animated Dreams, New SHUT UP! Competition 16 August 2016
No PREXIT: Priit Pärn Stays at The Estonian Academy of Arts 27 June 2016
Estonian Academy of Arts: We Did Not Dismiss Pärn 03 June 2016
Animation Director Priit Pärn Dismissed from the Estonian Academy of Arts 02 June 2016
On the Other Side of the Woods by Anu-Laura Tuttelberg 01 March 2016
Interview: Ülo Pikkov Goes Into Empty Space 17 January 2016
#merrychristmas by Chintis Lundgren 24 December 2015
Fest Anca Welcomes Pritt and Olga Pärn 14 May 2015
Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange A Rapid Love Story: FIlm Review 20 July 2014
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