Title Published Date
StopTrik 2018 Celebrates Cinephilia 19 September 2018
Enough by Anna Mantzaris 07 September 2018
LAIKA Will Recruit Animators During Animarkt Stop Motion Forum 2018 27 August 2018
Eliane Gordeeff Prepares Book On Stop-Motion and Animation Narrative 20 August 2018
Icebergs by Eirini Vianelli Wins at Sarajevo Film Festival 17 August 2018
Nieuwstad (New City) by Roos Mattaar 31 July 2018
There's a Tiny Border Between Utopia and Dystopia: Interview with Ana Nedelković and Nikola Majdak Jr. 13 July 2018
I Am Always Committed To Things Important In Life: Interview with Mats Grorud 26 June 2018
Captain Morten and the Spider Queen Gets a Trailer 04 May 2018
StopMo Lovers Annual Meeting: 13-15/4/18, Buenos Aires 31 March 2018
Stop-Motion Workshop with Joseph Wallace, Peter Vacz at 2017 Primanima 10 September 2017
Animarkt , Lodz, 2-6/10/17: Pitching Stop-Motion Projects 28 June 2017
A Love Story Wins BAFTA for Best British Short Animation 13 February 2017
My Life as a Zucchini for a Foreign Language Oscar 16 December 2016
Canis by Marc Riba & Anna Solanas 14 October 2016
The Rumour Mill by Bexie Bush: Crowdfunding Campaign 20 July 2016
Puppet Animation Scotland: Funding Opportunities 15 March 2016
Interview: Ülo Pikkov Goes Into Empty Space 17 January 2016
Anomalisa Trailer Online: I Want to Be a Human 02 November 2015
Špela Čadež Interview: Honesty Matters 23 August 2015
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