• Hey Deer! by Örs Bárczy

    A seasonal 3D computer animation film from Hungary which works for all seasons.

  • Cowboys and Indians Doc Premieres at Anima Brussels

    The Brussels festival will premiere of Fabrice du Welz's documentary on the Belgian eclectic comedy duo of Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier. 

  • Lynx and Birds by Blue Zoo

    Blue Zoo Animation Studio wishes everyone a Happy Christmas with their new festive short.

  • The Box and The Blissful Accidental Death win at the 14th Animateka festival

    Dušan Kastelic’s and Sergiu Negulici’s shorts won the audience’s and the juries’ attention this year in the Slovenian capital.

  • Each Family Is a Planet: Interview with Alberto Vázquez

    Spanish animation director and artist Alberto Vázquez talks about his feature film Birdboy:The Forgotten Children (Psiconautas), and his artistic style and mandate at Zippy Frames.

  • Birdboy: The Forgotten Children (Psiconautas) Review: Beware of Children in Distress

    When Kronenberg met The Fantastic Planet. Film review for the Spanish animation feature Birdboy:The Forgotten Children.

  • Lights by Alessandro Novelli

    Being in and out of the house and the universe at the same time: Watch Lights by Alessandro Novelli.

  • Animateka 2017: Igor Kovalyov and A Touch Of Italy

    The Slovenian festival returns this December loaded with memorable retrospectives, an Italian oeuvre, and guest jury Igor Kovalyov’s masterclass.

  • Slovenia: 2017 Animation Data

    Information on 2017 Slovenian animation, provided by Creative Europe Media Desk Slovenia.

    Official name of country:

    Republic of Slovenia



    Gross domestic product (GDP):

    1,604.38 €


    Official name:

    Slovenian Film Centre, a public agency of the Republic of Slovenia (SFC)


    Miklošičeva 38, SI - 1000 Ljubljana


    Chief executive:

    Nataša Bučar

    Public funding available in € (2017):

    3,605,355 (as allocated by the Ministry of Culture for 2017)

    Percentage of public funding dedicated to animation:


    Average production budget in €:


    - For short animated film:

    102,297 (statistics only for films finished in 2017; 9 projects)

    - For feature animated film:


    - For episode of animated TV series:

    N/A (public sources of co-financing in Slovenia do not provide support for animated series, but only individual films or single episodes of a series)

    Tax incentives:


    Tax incentives percentage:


    Regional funds for animation:


    Available scholarships for animated film professionals:

    Yes, starting in 2018


    Official name:

    Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia or RTVS)


    Kolodvorska 2, SI-1550 Ljubljana


    Commissioning editor responsible for animation:

    Martina Peštaj, Head of Children's and Youth Programme; contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Funding dedicated to acquisition of animated content from CEE countries in the last 5 years:


    Funding dedicated to production of local animated content in the last 5 years:


    Number of minutes produced in the last 5 years:



    Admissions in cinemas in 2016:


    Number of screens:


    Average ticket price in €:


    Internet penetration rate:



    Number of feature animated films produced in the past 10 years:


    - Number of 100% national films:


    - Number of minority co-productions:


    - Number of majority co-productions:


    Number of short animated films produced in past 5 years (2013-2017):

    39 (this is the number of all short animated projects - or projects that have animated elements - supported by the SFC with production money through two different tenders: for production - 20 - and AV projects - 19 - from 2013 to 2017 - included)

    - Number of 100% national films:


    - Number of minority co-productions:


    - Number of majority co-productions:


    Number of TV series episodes produced in past 5 years:



    Number of animation schools:


    4 Universities/colleges

    University of Nova Gorica School of Arts

    The Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana – ALUO

    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

    Institute and academy of multimedia – IAM

    2 Secondary schools

    High School of Design and Photography Ljubljana

    High School for Media and Graphic Design Ljubljana

    Number of animation companies:


    Association of animated film:

    D’SAF! – Slovenian Animated Film Association

    - Official name:

    Slovenian Animated Film Association (Društvo slovenskega animiranega filma - DSAF)

    - Webpage:

    - Chief executive:

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Number of animation film festivals:


    Festival webpages:

    Animateka International Animated Film Festival

    Little Elephant, International Children and Youth Animated Film Festival

    StopTrik International Film Festival


    Short presentation of the history of animation in maximum 500 characters (for example main awards and authors, important milestones, trends, etc.):


    Slovenian animation has seen a historical expansion in recent years. Professional projects ranging from animated shorts to new animated TV series episodes are in production or preproduction, and some projects await premiere screenings and festival tours.

    Some of the projects received a huge international visibility due to prestigous nominations and festival awards in the previous years, e.i. Špela Čadež's Boles with nomination for Cartoon d'Or and awards at Hiroshima, DOC Lepizig, Animafest Zagreb, Monstra and many others.

    Her newest project, Nighthaw,received Grand Prix Award at infamous Holland Animation Festival and at Animafest Zagreb and over 20 other festival awards till now.

    Also Kolja Saksida's project of short animated films Koyaa is quite an international success with selection to over 200 film festivals.

    It is encouraging to see the projects of renowed authors like Špela Čadež, Kolja Saksida, Dušan Kastelic, Grega Mastnak and others being enriched by the first professional films of younger authors (Leon Vidmar, Timon Leder).

    Established in 2011, Slovenian Animated Film Association enabled animators to represent their common interests to decision makers festivals and connect on an international level (Visegrad Animation Forum).

    Work with students at the university level has resulted in a raising number and quality of student films, while different educational approaches for general public achieved greater popularity of animated films among all audiences, young and old.

    Festivals have played an important role by providing insight into international production and promotion of animated films − particularly Animateka.

    The quality of new projects has been recognised by national funds, with the Slovene Film Center and Radio-Television of Slovenia as main sources of financial support and a few projects raising grants from other regional funds such as HAVC in Croatia and the ReAct regional fund.

    Data provided by: Creative Europe MEDIA DESK Slovenia



  • Orogenesis, Sog, Moulinet Conquer 2017 Animated Dreams Prizes

    All the animation winners of the 2017 Animated Dreams Competition during the PÖFF festival in Tallinn.

  • Reviving the First Ukrainian Cartoon Character: 90 Years of Ukrainian Animation

    Discover the 90 Years of Ukrainian Animation Initiative.

  • Graphic Stories Cyprus Poster Competition: Call for Submissions

    international poster contest on "Writing, the Origins of Civilization" by Graphic Stories Cyprus.

  • Serbia by Milen Alempijević

    Milen Alempijević, art director of Animanima festival in Čačak, writes about contemporary Serbian animation.

  • Czech Republic by Pavel Horáček: It looks hopeful

    Pavel Horáček, programme director of International Festival of Animated Films Anifilm explores the contemporary animation scene in Czech Republic.

  • In Other Words by Tal Kantor

     Airport and family issues get a superb treatment in Tal Kantor's In Other Words. Watch the film and read the director's interview to Zippy Frames.

  • Garden Party by Illogic

    6 students from MOPA school campaign for an Oscar with a bunch of frogs. Watch (limited time only) Garden Party.

  • World of Feedback: Chapter I by Dadomani Studio

    A welcome change of pace from Dadomani studio. Watch the stop-motion short World of Feedback: Chapter I.

  • Italy by Chiara Magri

    Chiara Magri, co-ordinator of the animation program at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (National Film School), Torino, investigates the Italian contemporary animation scene.

  • Building a new Jordan animation from University of Petra: Interview with Tariq Rimawi

    Peter Schavemaker interviews Jordan animator and filmmaker Tariq Rimawi.

  • Three Fitted Flies by Elisa Morais and María Álvarez

    One of the best things of being pressed with time is that you have to rely on intuition a lot. Watch and read about the awarded film Three fitted flies by Elisa Morais and María Álvarez.