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LET'S CEE, 21-27/3/17, Vienna: Call for entries
Thursday, 01 December 2016 14:39

LETS CEE Logo Orange550The Vienna fest expands globally, introducing A World in Transition focus for its 2017 edition.

Between 8 November and 8 January 2017, filmmakers up to the age of 35 from Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus region, Turkey and Austria will have the opportunity to submit their film contributions to the Short Film Competition of the LET'S CEE Film Festival 2017 (21- 27 March 2017).


Films should not exceed 30 minutes, and be relevant to the 2017 theme of the Short Film Competition: WORLD IN TRANSITION.

The worsening crisis of the international financial system and the rapidly growing consequences of climate change, the increasing global migration caused by poverty and war and the emerging of (right-wing) populists worldwide, an EU shaken to its foundations by the recent Brexit and threatened by constantly intensifying central problems, substantial upheavals in the job market and the excesses of hypercapitalism, species extinction and overpopulation, big data and surveillance state, hacker attacks and international terrorism: there are plenty of reasons to fear the unknown of the future. But are these fears justified?


At lest one thing is clear: Change continues to replace habitual stability at a pace many people seem to regard as threatening. Sure enough, this "WORLD IN TRANSITION" doesn't necessarily only cause risks, but create new opportunities and possibilities as well: the sensational progress in digitalisation and medicine as well as the energy revolution, to name a few. What about this huge trend of veganism or the penchant for saving resources? What about these individualistic tendencies nowadays? How is society supposed to handle these tremendous challenges of the presence and future? How is each individual supposed to deal with it? Is the situation hopeless or just serious, or does it simply mean we should encounter new challenges with courage and confidence? Or even humour? The competition's theme can be implemented into the films in various ways. Interpersonal aspects, social, political, legal or cultural issues, you name it. In other words: everything is possible as long as it is a good piece of work/art and covers the topic.


An advisory board, chaired by the renowned film directors of Iranian descent Arash T. Riahi and Arman T. Riahi, both living in Austria, will determine high-potential films from the submitted works from the CEE region.


The top ten will be running in the Short Film Competition,  while at least ten more will be presented out of competition. Further shorts, especially productions from non-CEE countries, will be screened in the Short Films Special Programme.


For the very first time filmmakers of all ages from other countries not mentioned above can submit (qualifying for the Short Film Audience Award).

After the presentation of the participating productions during the Festival an international jury will announce the winner for the main prize of the Short Film Competition (1,500 Euros and the Urania figurine) at the Award Ceremony on 25 March 2017 at Urania Cinema. .The Audience Award carries a value of 1,500 Euros



 Τen filmmakers will be invited to Vienna, and take part in the first LET'S CEE Talent Academy for free which covers both access to all LET'S CEE Master Classes and LET'S CEE Industry Days.


15 representatives of all further short films screened at the LET'S CEE Film Festival will get a free spot in the LET'S CEE Talent Academy.

For the fourth time in a row, film producer and cultural manager Robert Hofferer and Artdeluxe Kunst- und Kulturmanagement GmbH are going to sponsor the prize in the main short film category.


The LET'S CEE Film Festival's official wine partner, LILIAC is going to donate the 1,500 Euros for the Audience Award in 2017.


There is a processing submission fee of 10 Euros. Find the complete regulations and submission forms and send your film till 8 January 2017.

Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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