DOK Leipzig, 28/10-3/11/19

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28 October 2019 - 03 November 2019
Leipzig, Germany
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2019 Call For Entries

From now on documentaries, animated films and animated documentaries of all lengths as well as interactive works can be submitted to the 62nd edition of DOK Leipzig. The submitted films may be nominated for one of the festival’s six prestigious competitions and several special awards with a total prize money of about 75,000 euros. Additionally,
DOK Leipzig is a qualifying festival for the ACADEMY AWARDS© and the European Film Awards.

Films eligible for submission are from 2018 and 2019 and have not been screened publicly before 1 October 2018. World or International premieres will be favoured. For all six competitions, a German premiere of the film at DOK Leipzig is mandatory.

We are looking forward to productions that present unusual perspectives. Films rethinking traditional concepts or inventing new ones. Above all, we are looking for films revealing how documentary and animated film absorbs and expresses the present - Ralph Eue, programmer of DOK Leipzig.

Apart from films, you can also submit interactive works for the DOK Neuland exhibition (all forms of nnovative new media works, such as 360° films, virtual reality projects (films, installations, plays), works of augmented eality or mixed reality, participatory films, web documentaries and apps).

A German premiere of the film at DOK Leipzig is mandatory for the selection to any of the competition sections. World, International or European premieres are favoured. If a film is celebrating its German premiere, it can only be the second screening of the film

  •  International Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film (min 41 min)
  • International Competition Short Documentary and Animated Film  (max. 40 min)
  • German Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film  (min 41 min)
  • German Competition Short Documentary and Animated Film  (max 40 min)
  • Next Masters Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film (min 41 min)
  • Next Masters Competition Short Documentary and Animated Film (max 40 min)


  • International Programme Documentary and Animated Film (all lengths)

Full Regulations


  • 05/05/2019 (first entry deadline for films),  All films submitted up until 5 May will receive a binding feedback on their selection status by end of June. For films and interactive works
  • 07/07/2019 (final entry deadline)

During the festival week 2019, around 300 films will be screened as part of the Official Selection and the Special Programmes. The 62nd edition of DOK Leipzig will take place from 28 October to 3 November 2019.

2018 Festival News (Archive)

 The 61st edition of DOK Leipzig  took place from 29 October to 4 November 2018.

Animation Juries:

The winners in the International Competition Short Documentary and Animated Film will be determined by a jury composed of British producer Greg Sanderson, Barbara Truyen, director of the documentary film department at the Dutch television broadcaster VPRO, as well as Austria’s Jürgen Hagler, professor for computer animation and animation studies and director of the Ars Electronica Animation Festival in Linz.

Official Selection 2018:

From Argentina to Egypt, Lebanon to Latvia, Montenegro to Madagascar, Sierra Leone to Saudi Arabia – this year we are showing a grand total of 306 films from 50 different countries. Of the 3,150 works viewed by the selection committee over the course of the last year, 160 have now made it into the Official Selection, the further films will be screened in the scope of our Special Programmes.

DOK Leipzig’s Official Selection is composed of six competitions and the International Programme as well as the new section LATE HARVEST. Female directors account for a full fifty percent of the films of the Official Selection.

In the films of the individual programmes and competitions, DOK Leipzig takes a look at the legacy of the Soviet Union, at self-determined women and contemporary female figures, at architectural masterpieces and deep into the abyss – while attempting to get to the roots of current political trends in Germany, Europe and beyond.

Guests: Ruth Beckermann and Werner Herzog

At this year’s festival edition, the work of Austrian filmmaker Ruth Beckermann will be featured in several ways. Beckermann, who is regarded as a co-founder of the independent film scene in Austria, will be honoured with an homage, and she will also give insights into her filmmaking in a masterclass. In addition, she will be one of the jurors deciding about the winners in the Next Masters Competitions.

Werner Herzog is without a doubt among the most influential German filmmakers in the history of cinema. Over the course of his career as a director, he has made more than 60 documentary and feature films. At DOK Leipzig 2018, he is not only presenting his new film Meeting Gorbachev as the opening film – his documentary work is also the focus of a Homage bearing the title ECSTATIC TRUTHS.

2018 Festival trailer:

The 2018 trailer was created by the festival's homage guest, the austrian filmmaker Ruth Beckermann. She invites us to a dance.



Event Dates

  • From 28 October 2019 to 03 November 2019

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