Animafest Scanner VI 2019 Symposium, 4-5/6/19

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04 June 2019 - 05 June 2019
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The 2019 symposium Animafest Scanner VI is once more at the frontline of the discourse in animation studies. By focusing on the connection and relationship between animation and fine arts, on aspects of education and history in animation, and also on the interactions and synergies with virtual reality, Animafest Scanner VI invites international scholars to present and discuss new theoretical approaches and practical applications. Located at one of the most respected animation festivals in the world, it is a meeting point for many leading artists and professionals. The sixth edition of the Symposium for Contemporary Animation Studies aims to stimulate the exchange between filmmakers and researchers.

International film, media, and art scholars are invited to discuss the newest findings in the field of animation studies. During the two-day event, ideas and thoughts will be exchanged with festival guests, filmmakers, producers, professionals, journalists, organizers of other festivals and theoreticians. The sixth Animafest Scanner Symposium for Contemporary Animation Studies is fully integrated into the World Festival of Animated Film - Animafest Zagreb and reaches out to scholars, artists, and an interested audience. The four key-topics of the symposium are complemented by additional animation screenings, presentations, and exhibitions.

This year's keynote speaker is the recipient of 2019 Animafest Zagreb Award for Outstanding Contributions to Animation Studies, Jayne Pilling, a versatile scholar, educator and animation promoter.


  • ANIMATION IN HISTORY: With the boost in the development of animation studies the focus on the role, the connections, and the impact of animation throughout its history has gained importance and effect. Identity and self-confidence within the academic field build solidly on the knowledge and understanding of its own evolution and advancement. Proposals can include visions, experiences and analytical investigations of the references between animation and history.
  • ANIMATION AND FINE ARTS: The transition area between the elements of animation that may be mostly commercial and market-driven, and aspects that represent animation as an undeniable domain of fine arts, is extensive and has ambiguous boundaries. Through application, definition, and transcription the intrinsic qualities of animation and fine arts have always been complementing and consolidating. Through adaptation and use the two overlapping fields provide ample opportunities for research and exploration.
  • ANIMATION AND (VIRTUAL) REALITY: Working with VR has challenged linear narratives in various forms of media. Animation as one of the pivotal components of VR is presenting countless possibilities to explore new approaches in storytelling, to experience immersive environments and the distortion of perception. Furthermore, substantial philosophical and ethical questions and issues related to the definition of reality in connection with animation can be discussed.
  • ANIMATION AND EDUCATION: This topic may be approached from all possible angles. Animation as a tool for education as well as the practical training in animation. The educational qualities of animation on a structural and conceptual level as much as the development of educational structures and units are based on the shifting definition of the field. Anything that you may imagine as a valuable and inspiring area for research in the merged fields of animation and education can be the content of the presentation.


  • Submit an abstract in English for twenty-minute academic presentations.
  • All presentations must be thematically related to this year's symposium topics.
  • For each proposal, the applicant is required to fill out a separate online entry form; entry forms are available here.
  • Only correctly filled out forms will be accepted.
  • Submission deadline is 1 March 2019.

For more information about the symposium please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Terms and conditions of the public call can be found here.


Event Dates

  • From 04 June 2019 to 05 June 2019
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