A two-day forum on Chinese animation is jointly organized by Xihua University and Southwest Minzu University.

With the rapid development of China's animation industry, the quality of knowledge production of Chinese animation study has became more and more popular than 10 years ago.However, this does not mean that the knowledge production of China's animation study has achieved fruitful results. On the contrary, the knowledge construction of China's animation is still very weak.

After three years of academic roundtables and forums on animation, Xihua University and Southwest Minzu University decided to continue to jointly organize the 2017 (Chengdu) Animation Scholars Roundtable Forum " and " Western Universities Students Animation Festival Academic Proseminar ", in order to further the activation and promotion of  knowledge production of Chinese animation study.

The forum will include two parts: 2017 (Chengdu) Animation Scholars Roundtable Forum is held at Xihua University (11 November) with the theme " The center and the edge : animation culture and animation theory of China's problems"; participants will mainly discuss the development of world animation culture, pay special attention to the evolution of Chinese animation culture and Chinese animatronics knowledge production.

The second part, Western Universities Students Animation Festival Academic Proseminar, is held at Southwest Minzu University (12 November). Theme:  "Animation materials, national culture and animation originality"; it will discuss and share contents which involve animation materials and medium, animation creative originality, the fusion of animation creativity and national culture.

Invited guests include Torrill Kove (Danish Poet) and experimental, neo-media artist Max Hattler.

Submission details:

  • Submitted papers should not be published in other publications, academic conferences or any other paper collection, of originality and of format specification
  • Word range: 5000 to 10000 and less than 300 words for the abstract
  • Author profile: it should include author’s name, age, the name of workplace, job title, research direction, communication address, telephone, e-mail and other information.
  • Conference papers and authors’ profiles should be send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Submission Deadline: October 27th .


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