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Big Cartoon Festival, 29 Oct - 9 Nov 2020

Deadline | Event Dates (period)
25 September 2020
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Submission deadline
Submission/Registration Fee

Festival Description

(Festival Statement) The Big Cartoon Festival – the largest animation film festival in Russia – will take place for the 14th time from October 29 to November 9, 2020. For the first time, the Festival will be held in a mixed format: it will be possible to watch some of the programs online from anywhere in Russia, while the other programs will be shown in cinemas in Moscow.

The Festival will include premieres of international feature-length and short-length animated films. It will be possible to watch the competition program online from any city in Russia, and for our Moscow viewers we will hold our traditional Animation Night, during which we will show all the films of the competition program in the big hall of the October  multiplex. For young viewers, the Big Cartoon Festival has prepared new feature-length cartoons and collections of international and Russian short films. Among the special programs of this year are: collections of documentary animation that have become the hallmark of the Festival; a retrospective by director Ekaterina Sokolova; a special selection of films related to the feminist agenda; and much more.

The Cartoon Factory, which our audience loves so much, is expanding its geography this year: children and adults from anywhere in the world will be able to participate in these workshops! For 6 days we will be creating, drawing, adding sound, and shooting cartoons in a variety of techniques from the comfort of their homes, and we will be taught to do all that by real masters of their craft.

The Big Cartoon Festival is participating in the program of the Year of Germany in Russia 2020/2021. Thanks to this, our viewers will be able to see German short and feature length animations in the Festival program, as well as to attend online meetings with animation specialists from Germany.

Program Directors of the Big Cartoon Festival are Dina Goder and Maria Tereschenko.

2020 Selection Results

In 2020, for the first time in its history, the Big Cartoon Festival will include two competition programs: Foreign Competition and Russian Competition, which will be judged by a professional jury. The submissions were accepted through the FilmFreeWay online platform in August and September; the total 1501 films from 89 countries were submitted. The selection committee chose 95 films for the participation in the Russian Competition and 90 for the participation in the Foreign one. The participants represent the following countries: Great Britain (11), France (9), Germany, the Czech Republic (6 films each), Israel, USA (5 films each), Canada (4), Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, China (3 films each), Australia, Austria, Belgium, Colombia, Mexico, Switzerland, Romania, Spain, Iran, Norway, Estonia (2 films each), Belarus, Brazil, Hungary, Georgia, Ireland, Italy, Costa Rica, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Japan (1 film each).

Jury of the Foreign Competition awards the following prizes:

  •  Grand Prix for Best Foreign Short Animation
  •  Award for Best Foreign Student Animation

Two Special Jury Prizes. Jury of the Russian Competition awards the following prizes:

  •  Grand Prix for Best Russian Short Animation
  • Award for Best Russian Student Animation
  • Two Special Jury Prizes

Other Prizes:

  • Audience Choice Award for the best film in the Festival’s program
  •  Prize of the BCF Management for the best film in the Festival’s program
  •  Сritics Prize

INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION (in alphabetical order):
1. #hAPPy by Yu-Ju Kuo (TW), student film
2. 6|6 by Yali Herbet (IL)
3. A MYSTERIOUS HAT by Du Yen-Ting (TW), student film
4. AFTERNOON TEA by Andrea Szelesová (CZ), student film
5. AHEAD by Ala Nunu Leszynska (GB), student film
6. AND THEN THE BEAR by Agnes Patron (FR)
7. ANGRY DOGS by Shaun Clark (GB)
8. APFELMUS by Alexander Gratzer (AT), student film
9. AVERAGE HAPPINESS by Maja Gehrig (CH)
10. AWKWARD by Nata Metlukh (US)
11. BEAR WITH ME by Daphna Awadish (NL), student film
12. BENCH by Rich Webber (GB)
13. BETWEEN SCYLLA AND CHARYBDIS by Pavel Alexasin, Nika Zinoveva (CZ), student
14. BEWARE THE WOLF! by Julie Rembauville (FR)
15. BLACK SNOT & GOLDEN SQUARES by Irina Rubina (DE)
16. BROKEN THINGS by Panni Gyulai (HU), student film
17. BUBE MAISES by Or Levy (IL), student film
18. CANDY CAN by Anton Octavian (RO), student film
19. CATGOT by Ho Tsz Wing (HK), student film
20. CHADO by Dominica Harrison (GB)
21. CHILDSKIN by Pepi Eirew (CA), student film
22. COMTE by Natalia Ryss (IL, CA, SI, GB)
23. CONDO by Trevor Hardy (GB)
24. CORPSELAND by Yang Liu (FR), student film
25. DIRTY DISHES by Lucy Davidson (AU), student film
26. EVENING by Ivan Gopienko (BY)
27. EVERYTHING PIZZA by David Amberg (US), student film
28. FOOD CHAIN by Matthias Daenschel (DE)
29. FORTUNE by Em Jiang (US), student film
30. FYODOR by Milo Bonnard (GB), student film
31. GEN TREE by Ronni Shalev, Alon Sharabi, Hod Adler (IL), student film
32. GRAVEDAD by Matisse Gonzalez (DE), student film
33. GUNPOWDER by Romane Faure, Nathanael Perron, Léa Detrain, Benoît de Geyer d'Orth,
Pei-Hsuan Lin, Anne-Lise Kubiak (FR), student film
34. HEATWAVE by Sovan Dutta (IN), student film
35. HOT FLASH by Thea Hollatz (CA)
36. I WANT A SUN IN MY POCKET by Laui Laessa (CR), student film
37. IMAGINARY SCENE by Neda Goodarzi (IR), student film
38. IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR by Eduardo Arandia (MX), student film
39. IN YOUR DREAMS by Natálie Durchánková (CZ), student film
40. INTERNAL AFFAIRS by David Sick (DE), student film
41. INVADE by Wong Man Sze (HK)
42. JAM TOMORROW by Eflatun Serbay Çelebi (ES), student film
43. JUST A GUY by Shoko Hara (DE)
45. MANTIS LOVE by Baptiste Groazil (FR)
46. MICROTOPIA by Audrey Defonte, Denis Koessler, Philip Gonçalves, Alexandre Terrier,
Pierre Duhem, Achille Bauduin (FR), student film
47. MOON KING – FREE TIME by Jordan Minkoff (CA)
48. MORNING by Vojtěch Domlátil (CZ)
49. MR. EICHMANN AND THE MAVERICK GOAT by Qiao (Joe) Cheng (GB), student film
50. NOISE by Mahdi Barqzadegan (IR)
51. OLD HAG by Julie Rembauville, Nicolas Bianco-Levrin (FR)
52. ONLINE LESSON by Mariska Diasamidze (GE)
53. PANDICULATION by Konrad Hjemli, Jakob Eiring (NO), student film
54. PEARL DIVER by Margrethe Danielsen (NO), student film
55. PLEASE FORGIVE ME by Mike Raymond (GB)
56. RABBITS ONLY by Wei Wang (TW), student film
57. REBOOTED by Michael Shanks (AU)
58. RETURN by Jonathan Delgado Herrera (AR, CO), student film
59. SERIAL PAPALLELS by Max Hattler (HK, GE)
60. SHEEP, WOLF AND A CUP OF TEA… by Marion Lacourt (FR)
61. SHLOMO AND THE RABBI by Julien David (FR)
62. SHOOT by Ema Mlynarcikova (CZ), student film
63. SIGNS by Dustin Rees (CH)
64. SIMPLE PRESENTS by Catalina Matamoros (CO)
65. SO I PICKED UP THE WORM by Li Shuqin (JP), student film
66. STRANGE by Cameron Carr (GB), student film
67. STRAWBERRY CANDY by Nianze Li (CN), student film
68. SUBJECT by Renen Adar, Neta Zaidel (IL), student film
69. TAMOU by Tom Prezman, Tzor Edery (IL), student film
70. TANGO SPARKS by Maureen Zent (US)
71. TATATA by YiYangSun (CN), student film
72. TAXIMAN by Novella Lian (SG), student film
73. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TEETH! by George ve Gänæaard, Horia Cucută (RO)
74. THE BOX ASSASSIN by Jeremy Schaefer (US), student film
75. THE CHORUS OF MILLENNIUM by Yin Chang, Li Junyi (CN), student film
76. THE DEATH VENDOR by Jeon JInkyu (KR), student film
77. THE FABRIC OF YOU by Josephine Lohoar Self (GB)
78. THE GREAT MILESTONE by Ignasi López Fàbregas (ES)
79. THE INFINITE by Simone Massi (IT)
81. TIME & AGAIN by Saachi Mehta (IN), student film
82. TIME O´ THE SIGNS by Reinhold Bidner (AT)
83. WADE by Upamanyu Bhattacharyya, Kalp Sanghvi (IN)
84. WASHING MACHINE by Alexandra Májová (CZ)
85. WEAR AND TEAR by Rory Kerr (IE), student film
86. WHAT WILL YOU DO NOW, JOHN? by Pooja Pottenkulam (GB)
88. WOULD YOU PLEASE? by Ada Güvenir (BE), student film
89. ZODIAC GOSSIP by Fabiola Tenorio (MX), student film
90. ZORG II by Auden Lincoln-Vogel (EE), student film

RUSSIAN COMPETITION (in alphabetical order):
1. 10 ТЫСЯЧ КИЛОМЕТРОВ by Varvara Ryabova, Sonya Silvestrova, student film
2. 7 КОЗЛЯТ by Marina Karpova
3. АННА, КОШКИ-МЫШКИ by Varya Yakovleva
4. БА by Svetlana Filippova
5. БАБА-ЯГА И МАЛЫШКА by Yevgenia Golubeva
6. БАБУШКИ – АКВАРИУМ by Ilya Yudovich, Sasha Svirsky, Vera Pavlova, Olga
Fedorova, Yulia Krivosheina, Alexey Ermolaev, Yura Boguslavsky, Masha Serebryakova,
Masha Ermolaeva, Asya Kiseleva, Sonya Nikitina, student film
7. БЕГ ЗА СТЕНОЙ by Liana Makaryan
8. БЕГОМАНИЯ by Dariya Stolbetsova
9. БЕЛАЯ ЗМЕЯ by Polina Fedorova
Turkus, Dmitry Kupriyanov
11. БОКСБАЛЕТ by Anton Dyakov
12. БОЛЬШОЙ И МАЛЕНЬКИЙ by Natalia Grofpel
13. БОЛЬШОЙ by Anastasia Belousova
14. ВЕСЕЛО – ЩЕНКИ by Varvara Lavrova, student film
15. ВОЛК НАОБОРОТ by Irina Elshansky
16. ВОЛК by Maria Yakushina
17. ВСТРЕЧА by Polina Ivanushkina, student film
18. ВТОРАЯ СРЕДА АПРЕЛЯ by Svetlana Karayeva, Maria Platonova, student film
19. ВЫПУСКНОЙ by Darya Zimina
20. ГОЛЫЙ by Kirill Khachaturov, student film
21. ГОРОДСКАЯ КОЗА by Svetlana Razgulyaeva
22. ДЕВОЧКА-ПТИЧКА by Ekaterina Nevostrueva
23. ДЕКАНИМЕРОН-2 by Igor Melnikov, Alexandra Lukina, Sonya Melamud, Masha
Yakushina, Zoya Kireeva, Ekaterina Kuricheva
24. ДЕНЬ РОЖДЕНИЯ ПИШТО by Sonya Kendel
25. ДИЧЬ — ИВАН ДОРН by Ruslana Mirzalieva
26. ДЫЛДА by Anastasia Zhakulina
27. ЖЕЛТЫЙ БУЛЬК by Svetlana Nagaeva
28. ИГРА by Elena Kurkova
29. ИДЕТ КОЗА РОГАТАЯ by Sergey Merinov
30. «ИДИОТ» — ВЯЧЕСЛАВ БУТУСОВ by Vladimir Ponomarev
31. ИЗ ГОВНА И ПАЛОК — LOQIEMEAN by Veronika Usoltseva, student film
32. ИЗ-ПОД ЗЕМЛИ by Anna Lyubimtseva, Maria Afonina, student film
33. КАК ГОВОРИЛ МОЙ ДЕД by Sasha Deeva, student film
34. КАК РАЗБУДИТЬ МАМУ by Lubov Sobol
35. КВАРТЕТ №2 by Anastasia Panina, student film
36. КИБЕР-ЕВА by Katya Mikheeva, student film
37. КОРАБЛИК, КОТОРЫЙ ХОТЕЛ ЛЕТАТЬ by Ekaterina Filippova
38. КОРОЛЬ И ГРУША by Nastya Voronina
39. КРЕПОСТЬ — ДАЙТЕ ТАНК! by Masha Mayorova, student film
41. МАЛЬЧИК, КОТОРЫЙ КРИЧАЛ by Maria Serebryakova, student film
42. МАМИН ПОМОЩНИК by Maria Savelyeva
43. МЕДВЕДЬ by Slava Ushakov
44. МЕТРО by Valentin Tyuterev, student film
46. МОЙ ЗНАКОМЫЙ МЕДВЕДЬ by Ekaterina Sokolova
47. МОКРЫЕ НОСОЧКИ БЕРТЫ РАЙЗ by Alexandra Shadrina
48. МОНСТЕРА — ТЕРПЕНИЕ! by Katya Solonskaya, Lisa Rydvan, student film
49. МУЕЗУМ by Andrey Bakhurin
50. НА ХРЕНА МЫ ИДЕМ КТО? by Ivan Maximov
51. НАЧАЛО СВЕТА by Anastasia Melikhova
52. ОДЕЯЛКО by Marina Moshkova
53. ОДИН ДЕНЬ by Anastasia Vereykina, student film
54. ОНО ВЫДЕЛЯЛО ТЕПЛО — АИГЕЛ by Elina Belchenkova, Katya Morozova, student
55. ПАНДЕМИЯ by Polina Campioni
56. ПАРАШЮТЫ — АЛЕНА АПИНА by Vladimir Vishnyakov, Daria Vyatkina
57. ПАСТУХИ ОБЛАКОВ by Evgeny Fadeev
58. ПРАЗДНИЧНЫЙ УЖИН by Natalia Abramova, student film
59. ПРИВЕТ, БАБУЛЬНИК! by Natalia Mirzoyan
60. ПРИНЦЕССА И БАНДИТ by Mikhail Aldashin, Maria Sosnina
61. РОДИОН by Maria Yakushina
ДОМА-ПРОЧТИ КНИГУ» by Alex Budovsky
63. РЫСЬ В ГОРОДЕ by Nina Bisyarina
65. САЛЮТ — ЯУЗА by Alex Budovsky
66. СВИНГ by Lyudmila Skotnikova
67. СЕЛЕЗЕНЬ, ВЕРЁВОЧКА И ЖЁЛУДЬ by Alina Titorenko, student film
68. СОБАКИ ПАХНУТ МОРЕМ by Anastasia Lisovets, student film
69. СУП — ФЁДОРОВ И КРУЗЕНШТЕРН by Nelly Ilyasova, Tanya Gagarina, Katya
Chelyapina, Eliza Olkinskaya, Katya Ganah, student film
70. СЧАСТЬЕ by Andrey Zhidkov
71. СЪЕШЬ МЕНЯ! by Nastya Kamorina, student film
72. ТЕПЛАЯ ЗВЕЗДА by Anna Kuzina
73. ТЁПЛЫЙ СОЛЕНЫЙ ВЕТЕР by Мария Коржова, Мария Ларичева, София Петрова,
student film
74. ТУПОЙ ЧЕЛ — СУПЕРКОЗЛЫ by Sonya Gorya
75. УТОЧКА И КЕНГУРУ by Liza Skvortsova
76. УТРЕННЯЯ ЗВЕЗДА by Sasha Chirkov, Alisa Serbinenko, Katya Shiryaeva, Katya
Snegireva, student film
77. ХОЗЯЙКА МЕДНОЙ ГОРЫ by Dmitry Geller
78. ЧИХ by Natalia Berezovaya
79. ШКАФОВЫ by Andrey Bakhurin
80. ШКОЛА РАЗВИТИЯ by Anastasiya Sokolova
81. Я – РЫБА by Daria Melnikova, student film
82. ЯБЛОНЕВЫЙ ЧЕЛОВЕК by Alla Vartanyan
84. FLORIAN by Pavel Loparev, Keshav Abrol, Lucas Londoño-Clayton, Alicia Velasco,
student film
85. GAME OVER by Natalia Berezovaya
86. MOND – PFISTERMEN'S FRIENDS by Maria Savelyeva
Anna Fedorova, student film
88. PERFECT by Khe Yn O, student film
89. PISA NA FULO — ДЕФЕСА by Alexey Ermolaev, Masha Ermolaeva, Gulnara Nizamieva,
Lena Makarenko, Katya Shiryaeva, student film
90. PuWu-R 5 by Sasha Svirsky
91. PuWu-R 6 by Sasha Svirsky
92. ROOM WITH A SEA VIEW by Leonid Shmelkov, student film
93. SUPERMAN by Maria Yakushina
94. THE BRUSHWOOD by Oleg Chuksin
95. TOLMUIMEJA by Georgiy Boguslavskiy, Vasiliy Chirkov
It will be possible to watch films from the competition programs at the Big Cartoon Festival website over the course of the Festival, after registering and according to the schedule of screenings. In addition to the competition programs, the Festival will include feature-length animated films, children’s and spectial programs. Online screenings will be accessible only from within the Russian Federation. Meetings with directors that will be streamed on the Festival’s YouTube channel, will be available for watching from any part of the world.

2020 Call For Entries (Archive)

This year, for the first time in its history, the Big Cartoon Festival announced an open call for applications to participate in the competition program. Anyone can submit their filmto the Festival by September 25 through the FilmFreeway platform:

All films must be less than 30 minutes long, and must have been completed after January 1, 2019.

Competition Programs
The Festival competitive program includes:
a) The Foreign Competition of short animated films,
b) The Foreign Competition of student short animated films,
c) The Russian Competition of short animated films,
d) The Russian Competition of student short animated films



Event Dates

  • From 29 October 2020 to 09 November 2020


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