Cartoon Forum, 14-17 Sep 2020

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14 September 2020 - 17 September 2020
Toulouse, France
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2020 Event Coverage

Opening the online registrations (June 17th, 2020), we are very happy to be able to organize the Cartoon Forum "in real life". Our decision follows the authorization of the French government to organize events with less than 5,000 participants and to open the borders within Europe.

However, we are still under the obligation to follow health safety rules imposed by both the French government and by WHO to avoid any spread of the virus and any rebound of the epidemic, namely:
- Keep social distance between each participant
- Wear a mask when in crowd
- Clean hands as often as necessary

We are aware that the sanitary measures become more flexible as the end of the lockdown planned by the European governments and by the French State progresses, but we do not know today what the situation will be at the time of Cartoon Forum mid-September 2020.
The rules imposed today may still be in place in September, or on the contrary, new announcements of medical treatment for September and a vaccine for October would allow a return to the "world as it was before". Will the virus be completely gone? Will the treatment have been proven? And will a vaccine already be on the market?
No one knows for sure.

Then, regarding the sanitary measures for Cartoon Forum, we have no choice but to follow the health safety rules as known now.

Therefore, you’ll find the decisions we have taken and the changes it requires.

Registration is open

Who can register?

  • Producers (with or without project), directors, animation professionals
  • Investors, sales agents, distributors, broadcasters, new media representatives, gaming companies, TV, SACD authors, composers…


  • As meals will not be included in our services, this year exceptionally, CARTOON is reducing the registration price to 850 EUR (excl. VAT, incl. registration fees of the Cartoon Forum and administration costs of the association) instead of 1,000 EUR.

EU companies can recover the VAT charges (if they are liable for VAT) 

The registration fees include:

  • A full accreditation to Cartoon Forum
  • Audio-visual equipment
  • Interpreting services during the pitching sessions
  • A personal labelled pigeonhole
  • An Internet Café with Wifi
  • The presence of your company and its representatives in the e-catalogue
  • The full details & pictures of your project in a mobile app (iOS & Android)
  • Shuttle services between the airport and your hotel if you book your flight via CARTOON (only if you travel on 14 and 18 September 2020)

- An animation project in development intended primarily for television (TV series or TV special), but can also be developed for the new platforms
- of a minimum running time of 26 min (in total)
- min. 50% of animation
- European
- Please check the regulations to be sure your project is eligible.

Please note that:
- Only independent production companies can submit a project.
- Production teams of selected projects must afford registration fees to Cartoon Forum. (All participants: 1000 EUR (excl. VAT, incl. registration fees of the Cartoon Forum and administration costs of the association)

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2018 Event Coverage:

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About Cartoon Forum

The French city of Toulouse will host the 29th edition of Cartoon Forum, the co-production platform for European animation series that will present 86 original projects from across Europe from 10-13 September 2018. This year, 21 countries have selected projects. France, UK, Germany, Belgium and Spain lead the selection, while the spotlight is on Finland. Furthermore, 44% of the projects is aimed at children.

Created in 1990 to boost the co-production and distribution of European animation for TV and new media platforms, Cartoon Forum has helped 734 animation series obtain financing to the tune of over 2,5 billion Euros.



Event Dates

  • From 14 September 2020 to 17 September 2020