• Two For Two by Jelena Oroz

    Jelena Oroz premieres her acclaimed animation short Two For Two at Zippy Frames.


  • Veljko Popović and Milivoj Popović Do VR Dislocation

    A VR animation project on immigration and displacement. More info on the  Dislocation project by Veljko Popovic and Milivoj Popovic.


  • Transparency by Daniel Šuljić

    A day in a life pencil tale. Watch Transparency by Daniel Šuljić.


  • Hedgehog's Home by Eva Cvijanović Premieres Online 17 Dec

    The stop-motion NFB/ Bonobostudio film will be available on, YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.


  • Planemo by Veljko Popović

    Our film review for the 3D computer animation short Planemo by Croatian director Veljko Popović.


  • When Zlatko Bourek's Storyboard Was Exhibited at MOMA

    The Croatian animator who died 14 May 2018, and one of the members of the Zagreb School, was part of a storyboard exhibition at MOMA New York in 1968.


  • Animafest Zagreb Celebrates Horror

    7 programmes of short films, features and exhibitions on horror and animation in the 2018 Croatian festival lineup.


  • 8 Animated Features for Animafest Zagreb 2018

    Wes Anderson, Emma De Swaef, Captain Morten and the Spider Queen in the 2018 Zagreb Festival lineup.


  • Corner /Kut by Lucija Mrzljak

    Human relationships are too constrained within the corner. Watch the sparkling Kut (Corner) by Croatian/ Estonian artist Lucija Mrzljak.


  • Animafest Zagreb Poster and Trailer Signed by Stipan Tadić

    The Zagreb festival celebrates a Horror in Animation theme in its 2018 edition.


  • Croatia: 2017 Animation Data

    Information on 2017 Croatian animation, provided by Creative Europe Media Desk Croatia.

    Official name of country:

    Republic of Croatia


    4.3 million

    Gross domestic product (GDP):

    48.3 million €


    Official name:



    Chief executive:

    Croatian Audiovisual Centre

    Nova Ves 18

    Daniel Rafaelić

    Public funding available in €:


    Percentage of public funding dedicated to animation:

    8.5% (development and production)

    Average production budget in €:

    2016: 281,628 € (including minority co-productions) or 448,802 € (without minority co-productions)

    - For short animated film:

    2016: 33,841 € (including minority co-productions) or 35,848 €(without minority co-productions)

    - For feature animated film:

    The Criquet and the Antoinnette: received an approximate figure of 526,316 €; however it was never made (year of reference: 2012)

    - For episode of animated TV series:


    Tax incentives:


    Tax incentives percentage:


    Regional funds for animation:


    Available scholarships for animated film professionals:



    Official name:



    Commissioning editor responsible for animation:

    HRT/Croatian Radio Television

    Prisavlje 3

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Funding dedicated to acquisition of animated content from CEE countries in the last 5 years:


    Funding dedicated to production of local animated content in the last 5 years:


    Number of minutes produced in the last 5 years:



    Admissions in cinemas in 2016:

    4.29 million (147,705 Croatian films)

    Number of screens:

    154 screens (140 digital screens)

    Average ticket price in €:

    3.8 €

    Internet penetration rate:



    Number of feature animated films produced in the past 10 years:


    CAVC (Croatian Audiovisual Centre) is one of rare public funds in the region that provides minority support for short films (including animation).

    Addiotionally, the support for script development and project development is also available for animation projects.

    - Number of 100% national films:


    - Number of minority co-productions:


    - Number of majority co-productions:


    Number of short animated films produced in past 5 years:


    - Number of 100% national films:


    - Number of minority co-productions:


    - Number of majority co-productions:


    Number of TV series episodes produced in past 5 years:

    13 TV series episodes were supported for their development 


    Number of animation schools:

    Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb, Department of Animation and New Media

    Number of animation companies:

    31 (some are more active than others. Some production companies registered for animation, thus, here are taken into consideration)

    Association of animated film:




    Number of animation film festivals:

    Animafest Zagreb

    Festival webpages:


    Short presentation of the history of animation in maximum 500 characters (for example main awards and authors, important milestones, trends, etc.):


    Croatia is famous for its tradition in animation related to Zagreb school of animated films- an animation film studio located in Zagreb (in 1956), Croatia and is a part of the Zagreb Film company.

    The first major success was a Grand Prix award in Venice for the animated short Samac (Lonely guy) by Vatroslav Mimica, and their greatest work so far is an Oscar-winning animated short Surogat by Dušan Vukotić in 1962.

    The new generation of animators specializes in computer animated films, yet their style is as innovative and groundbreaking as that of their illustrious predecessors. Simon Bogojević Narath (Morana - Annecy competition, Flower of Battle - Balkanima official selection)  and Veljko Popović (She who measures - FIPRESCI award in Annecy 2008, May Way - Cartoon East Award 2010, Götteborg,  Dove Sei Amore Mio - Clermont Ferrand offical competition 2011, Planemo un 2016), two highly influential figures in this new wave of Croatian animation explore new approaches to animation. In addition, it is important to highlight some other names: Michaela Müller (Miramare - Sarajevo FF 2009, Animateka), Matija Pisačić, Marko Meštrović (No Sleep Won't Kill You - Annecy 2010 -official competition, Sarajevo FF, Ottawa), Marko Dješka, Draško Ivezić, Daniel Šuljić. Among many it is important to highlight screenings, official selections at Animafest Zagreb and Animateka, supported by MEDIA.

    The most recent success story - 2017 (Croatian minority co-production) - Hedhogehog's Home coproduced between Canada and Croatia (Bonobo Studio) directed by Eva Cvijanović and being selected at Generation Next - this year's Berlinale.



    Data provided by: Creative Europe MEDIA DESK Croatia




  • Croatia by Daniel Šuljić

    Daniel Šuljić, filmmaker and artistic director of the World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest  Zagreb, explores the contemporary Croatian animation scene.


  • I Love Creating Worlds: Interview with Eva Cvijanović

    A very daring hedgehog is waiting for your attention. Interview with Eva Cvijanović, director of the awarded stop-motion short, Hedgehog's Home.


  • Zippy Bits #1: Polychronakis, King Richard and Astronauts

    Our short, but important news items from the world of independent animation. Our first issue, 5 June 2017.


  • Creating Your Own Boundaries: Interview with Veljko Popović

     An indie animation talent to watch: interview with Croatian animation filmmaker Veljko Popović.


  • Interview with Daniel Šuljić: The Only Thing Constant in A Festival is Change

    The artistic director of World festival of animated film Animafest Zagreb talks to Zippy Frames about the latest edition of Croatian festival -and more.


  • Animafest Zagreb Presents Alice Theme, Unveils Jury

    Alice in wonderland is the overall umbrella theme for the 25th Animafest Zagreb, and Oscar-awarded Chris Landreth joins the international jury.


  • Petra Zlonoga designs the 2015 Animafest trailer

    The Croatian animator and illustrator is behind the 2015 Animafest trailer and visuals.


  • Animafest Scanner II, Zagreb: Call for papers

    A forum for animation researchers at the 2015 Animafest festival. Call for papers for the second Animafest Scanner.


  • Chris the Swiss by Anja Kofmel: Croatian War and Mystery

    A new Swiss-Croatian documentary animation feature about a war with more than one aspects. Read about Chris the Swiss by Anja Kofmel.


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