Animation director Florence Miailhle prepares her first feature film, the 2D animation feature The Crossing (La Traversée).

Produced by Les Films de l'Arlequin (France), Xbo Films (France), Balance Film (Germany) and MAUR film (Czech Republic), this is the first feature film by celebrated animation director Florence Miailhle.

A plundered village, a fleeing family, and two stray children on the roads of exile: Kyona and Adriel are trying to escape from their pursuers and to reach some more welcoming country. During their initiatory trip from childhood to teenage, they will have to cross an entire continent obsessed with hunting down migrants, and to go through many trials, both real and surreal, in order to discover a New World, free at last!! - Film Synopsis

 The script was written by Marie Desplechin and Florence Miailhe. The project was presented at CARTOON Movie 2020 in sneak preview.

The first teaser for the film

Zippy Frames Sneak Review (CARTOON Movie 2020): 

Zippy Frames Sneak Review: Florence Miailhe's first feature film is ready to be released, and its neorealism is nothing but spectacular. Painterly awe-inspiring aesthetics aside, the graphics still allow the film to breathe and tell its own story. The narrative itself moves beyond the usual dilemma of immigrants and hostile, inhospitable nations.These are two kids who have to grow up in the most adverse circumstances, and you can feel every pulse of them both.

The film will open in France 9 September 2020 (Gebeka Films). Indie Sales handles international sales.

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