The US independent artist moves from the pitch-perfect black comedy of depression in Rocks in My Pockets to a new feature animated project.

 signe-baumaneThere are many indie voices in US animation, and Signe Baumane is certainly one of the most instantly recognizable.

Carrying her European sensitivity towards exploration of the past along a quirky "adult" attitude for things that matter (and better not left unspoken), she manages to infuse new light (and voice) to worn-out topics.

At least, this is what she did in the widely acclaimed Rocks in My Pockets [view our film review], a funny story about depression back in the European past.

Her new project, My Love Affair with Marriage, follows an autobiographical route based on her own two marriages.

This animated feature film delivers a punchy tale of love, gender and marriage. Zelma, a fiery young woman with wild imagination, journeys through many marriages, some real, some imaginary, while confronting societal pressures and her own biology. It is  personal story of Love, Gender and Marriage infused with songs of Mythology Sirens as well as the Neuroscience of falling in and out of love. Film Synopsis

 Here's a work-in-progress teaser

Another video on the origins of the film, where two layers -the mythological genealogy of love and marriage, and the contemporary semi-autobiographical facts- are revealed:

Signe Baumane will animate on paper (30,000 drawings overall), scan the drawings and combine digitally with photographed backgrounds. Stop-motion sequences are also included in the film. The tested scenes will be colored in Photoshop and composited in After Effects.

US actor Matthew Modine (Full Metal Jacket, Short Cuts) is on board to voice Mo, whereas the film will have 26 speaking and 4 singing characters. Here comes the belcanto sensitivity of the Italian composer Kristian Sensini (who also scored Rocks in my Pockets) to find the right mix for the Mythology Sirens of everlasting love tune.

Film release is scheduled for 2021; the film has been successfully funded with the sum of $132,773 via  a dedicated Kickstarter campaign page. This is the Kickstarter pitch:

The film is a US/Latvian co-production. Locomotive Productions (Roberts Vinovskis, Riga) is responsible for the post-production stage (recording the music and songs, coloring and compositing the images, animating parts of the film). Locomotive Productions will also distribute the film in Latvia.

New York company The Marriage Project LLC, (Signe Baumane and Sturgis Warne)  is in the overall charge of the project.

The producing partners are working to keep My Love Affair With Marriage truly independent with the writer/director's vision intact. We also want to prove that animation can be a remarkable medium for the telling of complex, layered adult stories.

Find more and support the film in the official film site

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