The French company Vivement Lundi! will co-produce the new Czech animation feature in production.

The animated feature film ‘Of Unwanted things and people’ was pitched at Cartoon Movie 2019 where it won the Eurimage Co-production Development Award. Co-produced by the companies Maur Film (Czech Republic), Artichoke (Slovakia) and ZVVIKS (Slovenia), this stop-motion 70-minutes film for young audience has just welcomed a French partner: the production company Vivement Lundi!

Adapted from short stories by Czech author Arnost Goldflam, Of Unwanted things and people  tells how an aging writer decides to leave legacy stories for his grandchildren. In his stories, the old man tackles themes that are often considered taboo in children’s stories, but which can prove essential in their social construction: the death of parents, the loneliness of elderly people whose lives are more rhythmic than by routines, the fugue of a little boy who feels misunderstood by his parents and who finds refuge in a strange and wonderful universe.

The artistic direction of the film was entrusted to Patricia Ortiz Martinez. Manufacturing and production will be shared between the four co-producing countries and will be entrusted to four co-directors.

Three directors - Ivana Laucikova, Leon Vidmar and David Sukup - have already been confirmed.

Watch the trailer Of Unwanted Things and People:

After a first meeting with the producers of the film as part of the CEE Animation Workshop last year, Vivement Lundi ! got closer to the project and signed a co-development agreement in January with Czech, Slovak and Slovenian partners.

The co-producers are currently working on the development of the script and hope to be able to start manufacturing the film next September. The production budget is 2.5 M €.

About Vivement Lundi!

Based in Rennes, Vivement Lundi ! has produced animated films and series for over twenty years. The company received the European producer’s Cartoon Tribute in 2015. ‘Memorable’, the latest stop-motion animated short produced by Vivement Lundi! is an international success, triple awarded at the Annecy Festival 2019 and nominated for the Oscars 2020.

Besides ‘Of Unwanted things and people’, Vivement Lundi! currently co-produces three feature films: ‘Flee’ by Jonas Poher Rasmussen, Danish film produced by Final Cut For Real and the studio Sun Creature at the end of post-production; ‘Dogs and Italians not allowed’ by Alain Ughetto, a stop-motion animated feature produced by Les Films du Tambour de Soie currently being filmed in Valence (France) at Foliascope Studio; ‘Yuku’ by Arnaud Demuynck and Rémi Durin, a Belgian animated musical for young audience produced by Artemis and actually in the funding stage.
At Cartoon Forum 2020, Vivement Lundi ! presents the concept of the 2D feature film for kids and family ‘The Horn Quartet’, adapted from the books by Yves Cotten and directed by Benjamin Botella.

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