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After a long 2020 journey of the II Rising of Lusitania AnimaDoc Film Festival, the Pandemic Edition of the celebration of the fascineting animated documentary/documentary animation finaly moored in the Boat City – Łódź (eng. Lodz, but originally Łódź means "boat").

The festival was held exectly in the dates of the maiden voyage of RMS Lusitania - from Liverpool, England, United Kingdom to New York, NY, United States in 1907 - Sept. 07 – 13., 2020.

At II Rising of Lusitania AnimaDoc Film Festival, 130 submissions (2017-2020) came from 39 countries, including such surprising ones as Congo, Myanmar, Oman, Senegal, or Yemen. Finally, 36 films were accepted into the competition: 33 animated documentaries and 3 animated mockumentary; 9 student films, and 27 professional films.

The films were judged by a 5-person jury composed of Victoria Marinov (Bulgaria/Poland; an author of documentaries and short fiction films, photographer; now based in Poland), Marcin Podolec (Poland; comic book artist, director, animator, producer; works mostly on animated documentaries), Agnieszka Powierska (Poland; film and museum educator, focusing on the animated documentaries), Mariia Snisarenko (Ukraine/Poland; visual artist; photographer; now based in Poland), and Denis Viren (Russia; senior researcher/lecturer). Regardless of the Main Jury, the 3-person Student Jury (Michalina Majewska, Norbert Kaczala, Oliwia Nadarzycka) also debated heatedly.

II Rising of Lusitania AnimaDoc FF Awards:
GENERAL JURY:: “Lusitania Grand Prix Award” for the Best AnimaDoc: HOME (UK 2019, 07:51), Dir.: Anita Brūvere | Nodachi LTD

Statement: For an eloquent and visually stunning presentation of an age-old problem through the prism of the history of one address.

Special Jury Award: UNCLE THOMAS, ACCOUNTING FOR THE DAYS (Portugal/Canada/France 2019, 13:00), Dir.: Regina Pessoa | National Film Board of Canada, Les Armateurs

Statement: For an excellent quality of the workmanship, the precision of message, and understanding of another human being.

“Rising Award” for the Best Student Movie: INSIDE ME (Germany 2019, 05:00), Dir.: Maria Trigo Teixeira | Film University Babelsberg Konrad

Statement: For proving that you can talk about a difficult topic in a simple way, but at the same time extremely inventively and ambiguously.

“Make-Believe Award” for the Best AnimaMockumentary: AMERIGO AND THE NEW WORLD (France/Chile 2019, 13:46), Dir. Luis Briceno & Laurent
Crouzeix | Metronomic
Statement: For creativity and humorous approach to history. Which came first: the chicken or the egg?

Special Mention for the Ecological Values: MACHINI (Congo/Belgium 2019, 10:00), Dir.: Frank Mukunday and Tétshim | PICHA

Special Mention for the Human Rights Values: MAKUN (NO LLORES): DIBUJOS EN UN C.I.E. (Spain 2019, 30:00), Dir.: Emilio Martí López |
Emilio Martí López

Special Mention for the Best Portrait: THE BILL JENNINGS MYSTERIES (USA 2019, 03:48), Dir.: Alan Jennings | Alan Jennings

Special Mention for the portrait of the city and the mentality of its inhabitants: DEEP LOVE (Ukraine 2019, 14:00), Dir.: Mykyta Lyskov | T.T.M.

Honorable Mention for the mesmerizing soundtrack: ALMA (Serbia 2018, 07:44), Dir.: Nebojsa Petrovic, Demir Mekic | Belgrade Centre for Human Rights //
Music by: Dino Aganović (Hibrid)

Honorable Mention for the film that gives hope: I BLEED (Brazil 2019, 07:15), Dir.: Thiago Minamisawa, Guto Br, Bruno H. Castro | Thiago

“Lusitania Student Award” for the Best AnimaDoc: O HUNTER HEART (2018 UK/Germany, 07:20), Dir.: Carla MacKinnon | Carla MacKinnon

Stetement: For artistic maturity, which is reflected in a gloomy story about interpersonal relations awakening animal instincts, and which presents an oniric and mystical story with great precision in production and technique, offering the viewer a striking image in a beautiful and symbolic style.

“Students4student Award” for the Best Student Movie: IT WAS COMING TOWARDS! (Hungary 2017, 09:45), Dir.: Lívia Janoch | Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Statement: For creative confrontation of filthy Urban fabric, with colorful animated characters. For nihilistic signals, hidden under the guise of funny creatures. For mature approach towards problems of the underclass and surprisingly pleasing film experience.

"Mock Award" for the Best AnimaMockumentary: BREXICUTED (France 2018, 06:00), Dir.: Chris Shepherd | Autour de Minuit
Statement: For an intelligent social pamphlet, the creative use of animation to literally depict the ideas contained in the film and interesting stylistic references to popular satirical drawing.

LUSITANIA AUDIENCE AWARD: CARNE (Brazil 2019, 12:00), Dir.: Camila Kater | Abano Productions

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