The 22nd International Animation Film Festival in Stuttgart announced its first highlights.

 The upcoming ITFS festival   (Stuttgart, 5-15 May 2015) has decided to welcome Spain as its guest country. Selected filmmakers, studios and a college will be on hand to represent the creative potential of this Mediterranean country's animation scene.

Among the guests are the world renowned and prize-winning Stop Motion specialists Anna Solanas and Marc Riba from I+G stop motion.


 In the programme Animation History the ITFS explores the works of the Spanish pioneer of Stop Motion Segundo de Chomón, who collaborated with George Melies in the early cinema years. On the occasion the ITFS cooperates with the international Málaga Film Festival.

 Another ITFS 2015 programme highlight deals with the interaction between comics and animation – curated by Andreas Platthaus (FAZ, Frankfurt) and Harri Römpötti (Helsingin Sanomat, Helsinki). Several activities on this subject will be taking place, among others, in cooperation with the Berthold Leibinger Stiftung and the Literaturhaus Stuttgart, where the comic book award (Comicbuchpreis) will be presented on May 4, 2015.

 ITFS still accepts entries in the for the feature film competition AniMovie (deadline extended until January 19, 2015),  the Animated Com Award, prize for advertising, technology and spatial communication as well as the Special Award „Future needs derivation – Mobility in a digital world" by Daimler AG films  (deadline January 15, 2015).


ITFS Stuttgart 2014: Open air (c) ITFS

More info at the festival site.



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