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Ottawa International Animation Festival, 22-26 Sep 2021

Deadline | Event Dates (period)
22 September 2021 - 26 September 2021
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
+1 613-232-8769
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Submission deadline
Submission/Registration Fee

Festival Description

Each year the OIAF’s programming team receives 2,400 plus entries. Approximately, 100 films will be chosen as competition finalists and will be notified between late June to early July. Another 40-50 films will be screened as part of the out-of-competition panorama programmes.

Those selected films will be screened during OIAF20 and judged by international juries who will view the films alongside the audience during the festival.

The Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) is one of the world’s leading animation events providing screenings, exhibits, workshops, and entertainment since 1976. OIAF is an annual five-day event bringing art and industry together in a vibrant hub and attracting more than 30,000 artists, producers, students, and animation fans worldwide.

2021 Call for Entries 

  • Only animated films completed after May 29, 2020 will be eligible to enter.

Feature Film Competition
Animated Feature Competition: An animated film over 45 minutes in length.

Short Film Competitions

Independent Short Film Competitions
Short-format, non-commissioned animated films or videos. Suggested maximum length of 30 minutes. Two possible categories:

1 - Narrative Short Animation: Structured with some sort of narrative or story (i.e. "something happens").
2 - Non-Narrative Short Animation: Structured without a clear narrative or cause-effect plotline. Note: 'Non-narrative' does not mean 'dialogue-free'. Dialogue, i.e. narration, is fine.

Student Animation Competition
Short-format animated films made by students who are either currently enrolled in a high school, post-secondary, or graduate diploma or degree, or were so enrolled during the films' production.

Commissioned Films Competition
Works that are funded and produced for specific commercial or promotional purposes.

Including, but not limited to commercials, title sequences, station/program identification spots, music videos, and trailers.

Animated Series Competition
Works that are creates as part of an animated series for television, streaming, or the web and are not intended for children. Please note only one episode per series is eligible and should be limited to 22 minutes or less.

Virtual Reality (VR) Competition
Immersive works that are created for the Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, or HTC Vive/Vive Pro virtual reality platforms.

Immersive works: Independent and commissioned projects including but not limited to narrative short experiences, installations, time based works, interactive works, and non-linear narrative or non-narrative experiences. If applicable, please note only one episode in any series is eligible and all submissions should be limited to an experience length of 20 minutes and under.

Young Audiences Competitions

Animation Made for Young Audiences Competitions
Independent or commissioned films or series that are produced and distributed specifically for young audiences aged 0-12. Please note: only one episode per series is eligible, and is limited to 22 minutes and under. Two possible categories:

1 - Preschool: Any non-feature animated film (under 30 minutes) that is aimed specifically at young audiences aged 0-5.
2 - Ages 6-12: Any non-feature animated film (under 30 minutes) that is aimed specifically at young audiences aged 6-12.

2020 Festival Coverage:

2018 Festival News (Archive):

2018 EXPOSÉ TALKS (29 Sep)

Catch a glimpse of the filmmaking creative process. Each presentation will kick off with a “Career Tidbits” blast and some will be followed by signings.

Talks Include:
You Got the Gig, Now What? - Three artists talk about what happens after you land that dream job.
Isle of Dogs: Behind-the-Scenes (With Andy Gent, Puppet Supervisor and Co-Production Designer, Paul Harrod, ‘Isle of Dogs’)
The Anatomy of an Action Sequence (with Mahyar Abousaeedi, Director of Photography - Camera, Pixar Animation Studios)
Inside Creative Development at Walt Disney Animation Studio (with Juan Pablo Reyes, Creative Executive, Walt Disney Animation Studios)
An Invisible History: Trailblazing Women of Animation (with Mindy Johnson, Animation Historian)

 Festival Trailer:

Created by Victory Arts.




Event Dates

  • From 22 September 2021 to 26 September 2021


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