• Nigel by Natasza Cetner

    Natasza Cetner presents her animation short Nigel at Zippy Frames.


  • Acid Rain by Tomek Popakul

    Review for the new film by Polish animation director Tomek Popakul, Acid Rain,  which premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival 2019.


  • Animation Film Funding at Lodz: Facts and Opportunities

    A short guideline to animation filmmaking in Lodz, Poland.


  • Animarkt Talks 2018: Oettinger, Randall, Kijek/Adamski, Wacławek

    A highly selective case of key speakers during the one-day conference of Animarkt  Stop-Motion Forum (Lodz, 12 Feb).


  • Animarkt 2018 Stop Motion Forum: Full Programme

    Barry Purves, Angela Poschet, Alvaro Ceppi, Wim Vanacker Nancy Denney Phelps among the highly interesting full programme of 2018 Animarkt Stop Motion Forum in Lodz.


  • 4 Animation Projects Funded by Polish Film Institute

    New Marta Pajek project,  and projects from Paulina Ziółkowska, Robert Jaszczurowski, and Michalina Musialik get production funding from the latest round of Polish Film Institute funding.


  • To Live From The Depths of Another: Review of III by Marta Pajek

    Film critic Arman Fatić reviews the latest film (and Cannes 2018 short film contender) III by Marta Pajek.


  • Another Day of Life by Damian Nenow and Raúl de la Fuente: Official Trailer

    After the critically acclaimed (and Oscar-shortlisted) Paths of Hate, Damian Nenow prepares the feature film Another day of lifefor a Cannes premiere. Watch the trailer.


  • 3 Animated Shorts at 2018 Cinefondation Cannes

    Films from Poland, France and UK in this year's Cannes Cinefondation selection


  • Marta Pajek Goes to Cannes With III

    The Polish animation director will compete for the Short Film Palme D'Or of the celebrated French film festival.


  • (EXCLUSIVE) 6 Feature Projects for Visegrad Animation Forum 2018

    The pitching forum for Central Eastern European Animation extends its mandate to feature animation in 2018.


  • Bless You! Polish Film by Paulina Ziolkowska Wins at 2018 Berlinale

    Paulina Ziolkowska won a special mention at the 68th Berlin Festival (competition: Generation KPlus) for her student film Bless You!


  • Poland: 2017 Animation Data

    Information on 2017 Polish animation, provided by Creative Europe Media Desk Poland.

    Official name of country:



    approximately 38,634,000

    Gross domestic product (GDP):

    10,485.00 €


    Official name:

    Polish Film Institute


    Krakowskie Przedmieście 21/23, 00-071 Warsaw, Poland


    Chief executive:

    Acting Director Izabela Kiszka-Hoflik

    Public funding available in € (2017):

    30 million €

    Percentage of public funding dedicated to animation:

    For development and production - 13.5%*

    Average production budget in €:

    For development and production - 13.5% (funding for animation is also included in schemes dedicated to films for young audience and minority coproductions)

    - For short animated film:

    46,078,84 €


    - For feature animated film:

     498,701 € (2D production which started years ago, current budgets starts with approximately 1 million €)

    - For episode of animated TV series:

    16,468.42 €*/3,703 € (* for 5 min. episodes)


    Tax incentives:


    Tax incentives percentage:


    Regional funds for animation:


    Available scholarships for animated film professionals:


    Film with PFI funding, produced in 2016, copyright criterium

    Total number of production: 15
    Number of short-lenght films: 7
    Number of medium-lenght films: 4
    Number of feature films: 1
    Number of series: 3 (altogether 41 episodes)


    Official name:

    Telewizja Polska S.A.


    17 Jana Pawła Woronicza Street, Warsaw, Poland


    Commissioning editor responsible for animation:


    Funding dedicated to acquisition of animated content from CEE countries in the last 5 years:


    Funding dedicated to production of local animated content in the last 5 years:


    Number of minutes produced in the last 5 years:



    Admissions in cinemas in 2016:

    52,1 million

    Number of screens:

    approximately 1,200

    Average ticket price in €:


    Internet penetration rate:



    Number of feature animated films produced in the past 5 years:


    - Number of 100% national films:


    - Number of minority co-productions:


    - Number of majority co-productions:


    Number of short animated films produced in past 5 years:


    - Number of 100% national films:


    - Number of minority co-productions:


    - Number of majority co-productions:


    Number of TV series episodes produced in past 4 years:



    Number of animation schools:

    Animation Films And Film Special Effects studies at Lodz Film School

    Number of animation companies:

    approximately 30

    Association of animated film:


    - Official name:

    Polish Animation Producers Association

    - Webpage:

    - Chief executive:

    Robert Jaszczurowski


    Number of animation film festivals:



    Festival webpages:

    International Film Festival Etiuda&Anima

    International Animation Art Festival Animart

    International Animated Film Festival Animator



    Short presentation of the history of animation in maximum 500 characters (for example main awards and authors, important milestones, trends, etc.):

    2017 marks the 70th anniversary of Polish film animation.

    Throughout the history there were many worldwide known and awarded Polish animators such as Szczechura, Lenica, Borowczyk, Giersz, Kucia and many more.

    Among the numerous international awards there are Oscar for "Tango" by Rybczynski (1983), Oscar nomination for Baginski’s “Cathedral” in 2002 and an award for “Peter and Wolf” by S.Templeton (Polish-British coproduction) in 2008.

    This year, after 6 years of creative development, its premiere had the world's first fully painted feature film “Loving Vincent” by D.Kobiela.

    Data provided by: Creative Europe MEDIA DESK Poland




  • Loving Vincent Review: Neoclassical Painting Mystery

    The new painted feature on Vincent Van Gogh is carefully crafted and timid at the same time. 


  • Polish Animation Producers Association: It's not Mystique, is Networking

    Polish animation is quintessentially auteurish, but on the other hand, it may not have to be a solitary affair.  Zofia Jaroszuk, representative for the Polish Animation Producers Association (SPPA), talks to Zippy Frames about the aims and projects of SPPA.


  • Twisted Dreams of History Conference, 11-13/9: Call for Papers

    Academic conference on Subversion and Deformation in Animated Film in Poland. Open call for papers under way.


  • Annecy gives a Special Cristal Award to Jerzy Kucia

    The International Film Festival of Annecy, France is giving a Special Cristal Award to Jerzy Kucia, a master of Polish animation.


  • Tomek Baginski on commercial: Kellogg's spot

    The Oscar-nominated Polish director Tomek Baginksi prepares a funny, but adventurous take on nutrition. Watch his Kellogg's spot.


  • Paths of Hate by Damian Nenow

     The multiply-acclaimed short by the Polish director Damian Nenow, Paths of Hate, is now online. Watch the film.


  • Crulic: The path to beyond

    Anca Damian scripts and directs an inventive documentary-animation film about a Romanian prisoner in 2007 Krakow, who goes on a hunger strike.


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