The French animator Jean-François Laguionie returns with his fourth feature film, Le Tableau. Watch the trailer.

 Jean-François Laguionie (born 1939) is best known for his now classic short film La Demoiselle et le violoncelliste, which won the Grand Prix at Annecy in 1965, as well as the Palme D' Or awarded La Traversée de l'Atlantique à la rame (1979).

His new feature film, Le Tableau,  with a script by Annik Le Rey (who also wrote Kerity),  echoes the Platonic Republic.  

 3 groups of characters vie for dominance inside a picture: Toupins are the completed ones,  Pafinis lack color, and Reufs  have not yet been painted. Things get complicated when the Ramo from Toupins sides with the oppresseds Reufs to find out the painter and complete the picture. (the complete French synopsis at Catsuka)





 Le Tableau is a co-production of BE Films (Belgium) and Blue Spirit Animation (France). It is released in France on November, 23


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