A VR animation project on immigration and displacement. More info on the  Dislocation project by Veljko Popovic and Milivoj Popovic.

Both Veljko Popović and Milivoj Popovic are a creative Croatian duo, who can happily alternate between cinematic studies of memory (Dove Sei, Amor Mio), anxiety-driven characters (Planemo) and sea breeze artistic fun (Cyclists).

Getting a lot of awards for their 3D computer animated films (watch them in the Lemonade3D and Bonobostudio Vimeo page), they now embark on a more expansive, VR project: Dislocation.

Displacement- enforced departure of people from their homes, minds and everyday lives due to cataclysmic events. This film takes a look at an absurd moment of disbelief and fear. It examines the internal processes that develop and offers a visual depiction of a person forced into extreme circumstances- A moment of displacement. - Synopsis

The 7-minute VR short follows a central character hiding, crawling or just being deflated at (alternatively) the seashore, desert and forest. He's trying to confront both his environment, a strange dancer in a play of seek and hide, and his own wounds -represented visually in a variety of head cracks and bodily transformations. Sound experience is also important in the film; its intensity progressively accumulates, until total personal control is lost.

Virtual reality places us in direct contact with that moment of human tragedy, such as a refugee crisis. But the aim of the film is not to document human suffering or to inform the viewer of a historical moment. We are taking a subject that has deeply affected us emotionally and are creating a fictional theatrical setting, almost performance like, to deal with our emotions regarding this matter. All in an effort to try and understand more deeply what happens in a terrifying moment of being dislocated- like a refugee or a more banal, smaller dislocations that we endure through out our lives, emotional dislocations as well as physical - in face of complete uncertainty - Veljko Popović and Milivoj Popović

Motion capture will be used for both actors (main character, dancer), but data will be re-interpreted using 3D computer animation and particle simulation  to create an otherworldly and ethereal visual of the dance. At the same time, this single actors' performance will be multiplied in CGI to create a multitude of movement in one person. The resulting  material will be imported into UNREAL game engine and played using HTC VIVE and OCULUS RIFT.

Lemonade3d  started out as a game development company, while they just finished a VR theme park ride for the German company Imagination:first). Funded by HAVC- Croatian Audiovisual Center and the Town of Split (cumulative amount: 75,000 EUR) , the project has set a Feb 2020 release in mind, and now looks for minority co-producers.

Dislocation looks both highly contemporary and personally visceral VR project, which aims not to describe or analyze but enter the world of a single person affect by a smaller or greater dislocation. The project will be presented as a Work In Progress at Annecy Film Festival (Tuesday 11 June, 16:30-17:45, Salle Pierre Lamy).

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