Looking for love and inspiration. Watch the exquisite (and surrealistic) In Search Of by Adi Perets.

A sculptor needs inspiration and love, which he cannot find in the existing marbles and Dali creatures of the lonely and bleak world he inhabits. His drawing of a woman renews his hope, but religion thinks otherwise.

This 2D animated treatment of the Pygmalion myth (which also shares eclectic affinities to Raoul Servais' Pegasus) bursts with despair, especially in its representation of the cold, geometrical and uncanny world the main character finds himself. Its sober, monochromatic look invites abstraction, but also wonder about the meaning of hope -which could become true after all.

In Search Of is the graduation thesis of Adi Perets (done in TV Paint) at the Minshar School for Art.


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