West Lake International Animation Festival 2020

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31 January 2020
China Academy of Art, Hangzhou
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In view of the current situation of the epidemic, in order to actively cooperate with the Chinese government in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and to ensure that the epidemic does not spread due to the preparatory work, the Organizing Committee of IAF 2020 would like to apologize for the following announcement after our prudent discussion:

1. The West Lake International Animation Festival (IAF2020), originally scheduled to be held in Hangzhou, China, from April 16th to April 19th, 2020, will be postponed.

2. The Organizing Committee will reconfirm the date of the event according to the situation and announce it in time on the official website of IAF, WeChat public address and FACEBOOK.

3. The original deadline of Competitions is January 31st, 2020. After a new schedule is determined, the festival will reopen the application channel.

4. IAF Organizing Committee will keep the submitted entries. After the new schedule is determined, the entries previously delivered will still be valid and need not be resubmitted.


West Lake International Animation Festival is an animation art exchange platform integrating competitions, screenings, exhibitions and forums, which is held every two years.

IAF is the abbreviation of “I Animate Future”, which means “I use animation to record the future”. This is also the overall concept of the West Lake International Animation Festival – to create a pioneering camp for Chinese animation art and explore the possibility and extension of contemporary animation language.

Animation art is an art form that integrates painting, film, digital media, photography, music, literature and many other categories. The animation discipline has undergone a lot of changes since the new century, and it has tremendous development and extension in the fields of technology, concept and application. These changes affect both the way animators seeing the world and how to get along with it. Also, they are bringing animation to an important position in the broader contemporary visual culture and communication. Based on this background, IAF was founded to explore the contemporary expression of animation creation and research worldwide, and to pay attention to the interaction between innovation media and social life under the context of the times. At the same time, IAF , paying attention to the current status of animation education and discussing more possibilities, also has focused on the scene status and problem horizon of China's independent animation creation since the 21st century.

IAF2020, the first West Lake International Animation Festival, will be held at the China Academy of Art. The event will feature “Retrospect · Prospect” as the theme. “Retrospect” is intended to learn and pay tribute to the past animation classics; “Prospect’” is designed to show the future posture of animation art creation.

IAF2020 will have three major content sections: competition unit, screening unit and forum unit. The competition unit includes three parts: international short film competition, student short film competition and VR competition. The exhibition unit includes three parts: China special exhibition, international special exhibition and illustration comic exhibition. In addition, the forum unit will invite international and domestic famous animators, scholars and production organizations to participate in seminars, forums, workshops and other activities.

2020 Call for Entries

The West Lake International Animation Festival (IAF2020) will be held from 16 to 20 April 2020 with international competitions for shorts and student films. Animated films made by animators and professionals all over the world are invited for these competitions. The selection for the competitions will be screened during the festival and compete for the final awards.

Films submitted for IAF 2020 must have had the premiere after 1 January 2018.  The theme of the work is unlimited; any kind of an animated short film with duration up to 30 minutes (including 30 mins) can be submitted for competition.

 Eligible for the student competition are films from all around the world and from every year of study, not just graduation films

There are two major awards, for the international short film competition and the international student short film competition. Besides, there is also a jury award. An international jury consisting of renowned animators and professionals will decide about the prizes. The awards are meant for the director(s) of the winning films.

The final selection of the IAF2020 will be announced in the first week of March 2020.

NB. Event dates are tentative



Event Dates

  • From 16 November 2020 to 20 November 2020


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