Anilogue International Animation Festival, 27/11-1/12/19

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27 November 2019 - 01 December 2019
Budapest, Hungary
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2019 Festival trailer

AnimaDoc UE+ Retrospective | Anilogue / Budapest

Animated documentary is the genre that is under construction still. And the artists design it through their movies.The 3-part retrospective at ANILOGUE International Animation Festival in Budapest (Hungary, 27.11-01.12.2019) presents how the animated documentary has developed in the last 20 years in Europe; presents significant directors, important films and a variety of approaches to the reality, documentary and animation. The program curated by Piotr Kardas, director of the Rising of Lusitania AnimaDoc FF.


A DOCUMENTARY FILM (Poland 2015, 6’50”), Dir. Marcin Podolec (PWSFTviT ŁÓDŹ)
SPIRIT AWAY (Germny, 2015, 6’), Dir. Betina Kuntzsch
I WAS A WINNER (Sweden, 2015, 14'31”), Dir. Jonas Odell
VANILLA//WHIP (Poland 2016, 16'10”), Dir. Bogna Kowalczyk (PWSFTviT ŁÓDŹ)
THE DITCH (Spain, 2017, 7'20”), Dir. Atxur Animazio Taldea (Lekuk Kultur Elkartea) – HUNGARIAN PREMIERE!
IRISH FOLK FURNITURE (Ireland 2012, 8'), Dir. Tony Donoghue (MayFly Films)
EMIL (Germany 2013, 5'), Dir. Simon Steinhorst (Academy of Media Arts Cologne)
IT WAS COMING FORWARD (Hungary 2017, 9'45”), Dir. Lívia Janoch (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest)


AB OVO (Poland 2013, 5'18”), Dir. Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi (PWSFTviT ŁÓDŹ)
CHRONICLE OF OLDRICH S. (Czech Republic 2011, 18'), Dir. Rudolf Šmíd
HOW LONG, NOT LONG (Denmark 2016, 6'00'), Dir. Michelle Kranot, Uri Kranot, (Dansk Tegnefilm ,The Animation Workshop )
PAPERBOX (Poland 2011, 8’57”), Dir. Zbigniew Czapla
ORTHO! (Belgium 2015, 21’17’’), Dir. Sartiaux Nathalie
NEVER LIKE THE FIRST TIME! (Sweden, 2005, 14'31”), Dir. Jonas Odell


I REGRET THAT (Hungary, 2014, 05'23”), Dir. Amanda Hertelendi (Budapest Metropolitan University Of Applied Sciences)
MADAGASCAR, A JOURNEY DIARY (France , 2009, 11'30''), Dir. Bastien Dubois (Sacrebleu Production)
BROKEN – THE WOMEN'S PRISON AT HOHENECK (Germany, 2016, 7'), Dir. Volker Schlecht and Alexander Lahl
TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL (The Netherlands, 2000, 11'44)”, Dir. Beatrijs Hulskens
ROUND TRIP: MARY (Macedonia 2015, 9'45”), Dir. Zharko Ivanov
PORNOGRAPHY (Belgium 2016, 24’), Dir. Ledune Eric

An integral part of the retrospective will be THE BEST OF RISING OF LUSITANIA ANIMADOC FILM FESTIVAL 2019:

1. A Cup of Anxietea (Sweden 2017, 7’50”), Dir. Emma Hjelm
2. Everywhere (Germany 2017, 6’49”), Dir. Luise Fiedler 
3. Ex Terrat (Austria/France 2016, 5’45”), Dir. Reinhold Bidner
4. Carlotta's Face (Germany 2018, 5’), Dir. Valentin Riedl, Frédéric Schuld 
5. Little Boy (Norway 2018, 5’), Dir. Kristian Pedersen
6. Musical Traumas (Serbia 2018, 10’26”), Dir. Milos Tomić
7. The Outlander (Austria, Portugal, Bulgaria 2018, 5’16”), Dir. Ani Antonova
8. Year (Poland 2018, 11’40”), Dir. Małgorzata Bosek-Serafińska
9. The Children Of Concrete (France 2017, 06’42”), Dir. Jonathan Phanhsay-Chamson
10. The Driver Is Red (USA 2017, 14’37”), Dir. Randall Christopher

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About the festival:

Anilogue is an annual international animation festival taking place in Budapest, Hungary. The festival presents a whole week of animation, packed with feature premieres, sneak previews, workshops, a competition of European animated short films and numerous special programmes including a seven hours long animated show, concerts and cartoon exhibitions.



Event Dates

  • From 27 November 2019 to 01 December 2019


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