Thiago Calçado: The Pinocchio Stop-Motion Animator

Kropka talks to stop-motion animator Thiago Calçado, now working at the Pinocchio stop-motion project by Guillermo del Toro.

Good For You by Ilhyun Kim (Contemporary Korean Animation Series)

Cleansing your soul. An experimental animation film from Korea 'Good For You' by Korean animation director Ilhyun Kim. The director talks to Zippy Frames.

Blindness by Yu-Seon Park (Contemporary Korean Animation Series)

Media culture and framing surface in the 2D animation short 'Blindness' by Korean animation director Yu-Seon Park. Read her interview at Zippy Frames.


55 years of Latvian animation studio Animācijas Brigāde: Interview with Dace Rīdūze

Vassilis Kroustallis talks to Latvian puppet animation director Dace Rīdūze on the history, the present and the future of prestigious studio Animācijas Brigāde.

Carnivorous Bean Sprout by Seo Sae-rom (seO) - Contemporary Korean Animation Series

Our contributor Flaka Kokolli talks to Korean animation director Seo Sae-rom (seO) about her post-apocalyptic, 2D animation/clay film, 'Carnivorous Bean Sprouts'


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