Director of acclaimed clay film Ethnophobia, Joan Zhonga selects his top3 stop-motion choices, on occasion of his birthday.

The Facebook community of StopMo Lovers celebrates the technique of stop-motion in its inaugural Buenos Aires meeting.

Observing yourself singing. Thomas Renoldner signs his experimental animation film, Sunny Afternoon.

Literature and animation. Percy Shelley's poem on death awakening gets a superb eerie treatment by Tess Martin.

A welcome change of pace from Dadomani studio. Watch the stop-motion short World of Feedback: Chapter I.

Call for applicants: Peter and Joseph’s World of Stop Motion (International Workshop at Primanima Festival, Hungary.

Watch the Sparks puppet music video from UK animation director Joseph Wallace.

Call for entries for stop-motion projects to be pitched during the second edition of ANIMARKT, Poland.

A very daring hedgehog is waiting for your attention. Interview with Eva Cvijanović, director of the awarded stop-motion short, Hedgehog's Home.

NFTS student film A Love Story wins at the 2017 EEBAFTA Awards.

The Swiss stop-motion film has now entered the 9 foreign language films that will advance in the 89th Oscars race.

It's nice to be inventive. Watch The Lighthouse by Simon Scheiber.

Film review for the Oscar-hopeful US/Korean animated short.

Deeply unsettling but truly humane, the puppet short Canis by Marc Riba and Anna Solanas. For mature audiences only.

Support the UK independent (and brilliant) animation artist Bexie Bush in her online campaign and The Rumour Mill film.


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