With the current proliferation of online festival and other treats (films available for a certain amount of dates, curated online playlists), sometimes it is easy to forget cultural animation festival moments captured on video.

We dug through 5 major animation festival archives of 2010, exactly 10 years ago: Anima Brussels, Animafest Zagreb, Annecy Festival, Cinanima Festival, and Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film . Below you'll find both a festival trailer (or leader), and the festival impressions. Just to remember and be inspired. This is the first part of our tribute.

1. Anima Brussels 2010: TV Teaser

Anima Festival Brussels: Impressions
with Bastien Dubois, Florence Miailhe

2.  Animatest Zagreb 2010: Trailer by Veljko Popovic

Animatest Zagreb 2010: Impressions
Video produced by: Hulahop.hr

3. Annecy Festival 2010: Trailer

Annecy Festival 2010: Monday 7th June 2010 Impressions
with Ari Folman, Sylvain Chomet

4. Cinanima Festival 2010: Trailer
Spanish Ars Animacion School students, under the guidance of Oscar de Santillana

Cinanima Festival 2010: Impressions

5. Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film: Trailer

Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film: Impressions 2010

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