The inaugural Be there! Corfu Animation Festival starts with a bang. The Greek avant-premiere of the jazzy Cuban romance, Chico and Rita.

 Chico and Rita is a joint project of Fernando Trueba (Oscar for Belle Epoque) and the artistic designer Javier Mariscal. It narrates the doomed love affair of two musicians before and during the Castro era in Cuba, and is filled with jazz music.

It will have its Greek premiere in a festival that also gets the acclaimed Zbig Rybczynski (Tango, The Orchestra) as its official guest, and boasts a retrospective to the master of gothic animation, Jiri Barta.

The surreal world of Canadian animators Richard Condie and Cordell Barker will also have its treatment, and the lineup of 45 films (short competitive section) and 21 films (graduate competitive section) reveals a multitude of animation techniques, genres and tendencies.

Be there! Corfu Animation Festival takes place from April 7-10 in Corfu (Greece).