A VR project based on Norwegian painter's Nikolai Astrup work is being developed and presented during ReAnima Festival. View our video report.

Nikolai Astrup(30 August 1880 – 21 January 1928) was a Norwegian Painter. Astrup was a distinctive, innovative artist noted principally for his intense use of color depicting the lush landscapes of Vestandlet featuring the traditional way of life in the region.

In collaboration with the KODE art museums, students from the University of Bergen, Faculty of Social Sciences, have created a Virtual Reality student project that makes it possible for you to physically enter the world of a painting made by the Norwegian expressionist Nikolai Astrup.

We have to remember that the VR technology It has experienced significant growth in latest years and has permitted to create very interesting, deeply and artistic experiences in animation field. Annecy Festival started 3 years ago to have their own competition of VR projects.

We made an interview with Kristine Hatlebrekke, Sofie Thornhill, Hilde H. Navarsete, members of the team behind of this innovative project that will be presented in ReAnima Festival as the part and new paths to explore into the animated art.

video interview: Kropka

Complete Crew VR Experience Nikolai Astrup.
360 filming and story boarding:Emma Opheim Drageset, Kristine Hatlebrekke
Sound and editing: Vegard Opedal, Andreas Skjælø Jacobsen
Animation 3d and modelling in Unity: Sofie Thornhill, Hilde H. Navarsete

The event will take place Sunday 17th at 17:00 in the Bergen Public Library, during ReAnima Festival

 The third edition of Bergen International Animation Festival, ReAnima 2019, will take place on November 14th – November 17th. 

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