Jérémy Clapin animation feature I Lost My Body will have its world premiere at Cannes' Critics Week 2019.

Absent from the Annecy festival line-up, but now present at Cannes and the celebrated Semaine de La Critique. The festival programme which started in 1962 by the French Union of Film Critics as a parallel section of Cannes Film Festival, bestows three prizes each (awarded by an international jury).

The director of the much-discussed 2011 Skhizein (watch it here), Jérémy Clapin embarks on his first feature animation I Lost My Body, and secured a place in the 2019 line-up, the only animated feature at the Cannes' Critics Week selection. The film  joins 10 more features selected from 1,050 submissions.

Produced by Xilam Animation,  the 3D computer animated film has been made using the open-source Blender software.

A cut-off hand escapes from a dissection lab with one crucial goal: to get back to its body. As it scrambles through the pitfalls of Paris, it remembers its life with the young man it was once attached to… until they met Gabrielle.

Here's the film teaser:

And an eariler pilot trailer from CartoonBrew:

In a production masterclass at this year's Anima Brussels, I Lost My Body seems to capture both the suspense of human contact lost and the helplessness of being by yourself. We'll wait and watch.

 The 58th edition of Cannes' Critics Week takes place 15 to 23 May 2019.

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