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 Zippy Frames and its Shorts Corner offer a highly eclectic and comprehensive catalogue of animation shorts. Its staff picks up films that excel regardless of

  •  technique (2D, 3D animation, stop-motion including cut-out animation, pixilation etc., experimental animation)
  • subject-matter (films for children, films for adults, festival films and music videos)
  • career stage (professionals, student film directors)
  • geography (Europe, Africa, US, Australasia)


Open to all animation shorts (up to 40min)

What We Do:

We don't just host films, this is the job of the (many) social channels. We present, interview and review animation shorts, and we prioritize equally strong storytelling and engaging (or even innovating) film aesthetics.

When to Submit:

  • If you have a finished film planning to be online soon, send it to us to present, interview or review. The sooner we can watch it, the better.
  • If you have a finished film that travels/ is about to travel in the film festival circuit, and want to boost its visibility, you can also submit it to our Shorts Corner (above conditions apply)
  • If you have a short animation project in development (not a finished film), and need feedback on its story development, you could head into our affiliated Scheriaa Productions (Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for script consultancy).

It takes time and energy to devote to a short animation film - at least, we view it that way at Zippy Frames. In order to ensure a smooth response time and be able to support our effort on European and Independent Animation, we introduce the following processing fees.

Processing Fees (per submission): 

  • Student Directors / Recent Graduate Directors: 4 USD (+ VAT)
  • Professional Directors: 10 USD (+ VAT)

→ Processing fee are given to process your film, but will not necessarily guarantee inclusion. However, if your film is not selected, it will certainly guarantee a feedback on our behalf with comments.

→ Please send you fee exclusively via our Patreon Page (Pay Pal or bank card accepted). The moment we receive your contribution we'll start processing your film.

→ PLEASE NOTE: Patreon fees are charged upfront and apply in a recurring monthly basis.  However, you can CANCEL your subscription at any time and, preferably before the end of the month (new charges take place beginning of month). But if you like to continue supporting Zippy Frames and our effort, even after you submitted your first payment, you are more than welcome to do so.

→  We can't issue refunds or waivers. 

We're waiting for your submissions to our Shorts Corner! 

For all related matters, questions and submissions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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