The little puppy that could. Watch the commissioned film Pip by Bruno Simões and Southeastern Guide Dogs.

 “Pip” animated short film presented by Southeastern Guide Dogs -- A heartwarming tale for underdogs everywhere, Pip is the story of a small dog with a big dream—to become a Southeastern Guide Dog. Does she have what it takes? - Film Synopsis

The concept of proving yourself to be able and competent here takes a social relevance twist; Pip really needs to look after herself first (and concentrate on her job task) before helping others. But a certain amount of bravery can overtake any of its  worries -and get her to be both helpful and rewarded at the end.

Portuguese director Bruno Simões (has worked as an animation/pre-vis artist in Harry Potter series, X-Men: First Class, Prometheus, Skyfall, Rio 2, and Ice Age: Collision Course), orchestrates the whole effort with a firm hand, which guarantees that no individual scene is wasted. The Pip film being a  Southeastern Guide Dogs production, it landed into the hands of Barcelona boutique Studio Kimchi ; they ensured the story flowed as well as possible, and animated the whole film.

The film has a separate version (with fine audio description) for the visually impaired.  Film made possible by Gary and Melody Johnson.


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