CEE Animation Workshop participants

The Polish Stage of CEE Animation Workshop Is Under Way

Details for the last leg of the animation training CEE Animation Workshop, now heading to Poland.

Money and Happiness by Ana Nedeljkovic and NIkola Majdak Jr: A Happily Rich Trailer

Serbian animation directors Ana Nedeljkovic and NIkola Majdak Jr: present the trailer for the Locarno-premiered 'Money and Happiness'. 

From the Main Square VR animation project

5 VR Works for BIAF 2022

Find the VR lineup from the Korean Bucheon International Animation Festival.

Animafest Cyprus 2022 Awards: All Winners

Many fine films were awarded during the Cypriot 2022 animation festival. Find the full list below.

Selection Results for the Rising of Lusitania - Animadoc Film Festival 2022

Discover the full line-up for the 4th edition of Rising of Lusitania - Animadoc Festival.

Croatian Zoetropes: Animated Souvenirs for Happy People

Discover the latest creation from the Luma Film Croatian animation company: Croatian Zoetropes.

ReAnima Festival Returns in 2023

Read More About:

The Bergen International Animation Festival ReAnima will celebrate its next edition in 2023.

69 Animation Shorts for BIAF 2022

Find the animation selection of the Bucheon International Animation Festival 20222.

Notes by Gabriela Sibilska

Notes by Gabriela Sibilska

The Polish animator Gabriela Sibilska, who designed, directed, and animated the music video, Notes, talks to Zippy Frames. Watch the film.


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