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3D animation

The troubles of dating come to the fore (always contradictory) in the delightful Deal Breakers short  by Central Saint Martins M.A. students.

Croatian animator and professional Draško Ivezić shares his own animation and love choices (including his Love and Vehicles short) for Zippy Frames.

A seasonal 3D computer animation film from Hungary which works for all seasons.

Blue Zoo Animation Studio wishes everyone a Happy Christmas with their new festive short.

6 students from MOPA school campaign for an Oscar with a bunch of frogs. Watch (limited time only) Garden Party.

 An indie animation talent to watch: interview with Croatian animation filmmaker Veljko Popović.

Sardonic comment on environmental protection. Watch the Italian The Age of Rust short.

A faceless but not expressless music video by Tom Munday and the Steve Puddle and his Bivouac Band. Watch Cold Hearted Land.

Here's a story of extravagant artistry and content. Watch the French animation short 8 Bullets by Frank Ternier.

Can't have the one without the other. Watch (Xmas) Tag by Dan Edgley.

5 students from Paris-based school Ecole Georges Méliès create a seductive animation thriller. 

The concept of loneliness in space by South African animation house New Monday. Watch the film.

Need for an adventure? Watch Le Gouffre by Lighting Boy Studio.

Loneliness becomes better when animated and musically embedded.

The David vs. Goliath story in pizza business. Watch Chez Robert by Théo Barthélemy, Erwan Nasri, Yohan Talbi, Thomas Tarnawski, Jacques and Tonna Robert.


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