Discover what happens with religious offerings in the hilarious short by Krishna Chandran A. Nair.

 A farmer waits for the rain. He decides to please the gods by offering them money at a temple where people come to address their problems to the God. Does God really hear them? What really happens to all these offerings they make?

Exploitation of peasants' beliefs goes rampant in the short satire, which chooses to animate what goes behind and down below the casket of offerings. A vivid imagery of different faces and hands collecting the offerings is perfectly tuned to "the love of money" signature song.

The film For the Love of God (Pour l' amour de Dieu) was made by Krishna Chandran A. Nair as part of his first-year project at La Poudriere, France, with the given topic argent (money).

It took about two months of pre-production and one month of production to finish the film, but it was worthwhile.