Felix Massie makes an elevator (plus ladder) story on the question of how to achieve happiness. Watch Keith Reynolds can't make it tonight.

This is Keith Reynolds and today is promotion day. Having worked at the company eight years he is the most senior Junior Business Analyst in the building. He's been waiting for this day for a very long time.

Keith Reynolds can't make it tonight is a revelry of sarcasm and failed great expectations. In a Thelma and Louise style, character actions seem bound to lead to criminal behavior. The main blue (but undistinguished otherwise) hero can certainly go all the way to the top -only to realize that there is no easy way down.

Felix Massie  is a UK animator, and Keith Reynolds can't make it tonight was his graduation film in 2007 (and received the best student short award at Anima festival, Brussels).

He's made since The surprise demise of Francis Cooper's mother (2008) and The ongoing life of Peter Peel: can, can, can't (2010). He was an animation director on the BAFTA Nominated TATE Movie Project (2011).

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